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To see it, you need to kneel down: a mini-sculpture “Heroes” was opened in Kyiv

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Mar31,2024

You have to kneel down to see it: a mini-sculpture

Minisculpture “Heroes”/Social News

A mini-sculpture “Heroes” was installed on the Askold grave in Kyiv. It is dedicated to the Ukrainian military who defend our country in the Russo-Ukrainian war.

The mini-sculpture “Heroes” was opened at Askold's grave in Kyiv as part of the “Search!” project. This is reported by Suspilne Novosti.

The mini-sculpture “Heroes” was created by Yurii Bilyavskyi. It depicted a soldier who bowed his knee in front of the Ukrainian flag.

In order to look at this sculpture, you also need to bend your knee – it is specially installed at such a low height, – say the authors of the project.

“Heroes” was installed precisely on the Askold grave, as it became a place of honor for new Ukrainian heroes. In the 19th century, the necropolis of famous Kyivans was located here, and in February 1918, the Krut heroes who defended Kyiv from the Bolshevik invasion were buried here.

Project founder Yulia Bevzenko says that this is the first sculpture of the project that has colors – a bright blue-yellow flag.

And for the first time we used color in a sculpture. Because we know that, and foreigners need to be reminded of the colors of our flag, Bevzenko wrote on Facebook.

There are currently four burials from the times of independent Ukraine at Askoldova grave:

  • Hero of Ukraine Olexandr Klitynskyi – participant of the Revolution of Dignity, one of the Heavenly Hundred;
  • Chevalier of the Order of Danylo Halytskyi Marko Paslavskyi– a soldier of the “Donbas” reserve battalion of the National Guard of Ukraine, died during the liberation of Ilovaisk;
  • Hero of Ukraine Dmytro Da Vinci Kotsyubailo – commander of the “Wolves of Da Vinci” battalion;
  • Cavalier of the Order “For Courage II and III degrees, captain, fighter pilot, one of the “Ghosts of Kyiv” – Andrii Pilshchikov

The sculpture was made and installed with the funds of all patrons of the “Search!” project. Patrons also collected 450,000 hryvnias, which will be handed over to the “On the Shield” unit. The funds are planned to be spent on the restoration and timely maintenance of specialized cars.

To view, it is necessary to kneel down: a mini-sculpture

Yulia Bevzenko/Facebook

“Search!” is a project of Yulia Bevzenko, founded in 2018. He tells about the history of Kyiv in bronze mini-sculptures. Currently, 42 mini-sculptures can be seen on the streets of the city.

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