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    The Bameso club receiving its title of district basketball champions, in the hands of César Cedeño and Diego Pesquiera, president of ABADINA.

On a night that will be remembered by all lovers of Dominican basketball, the Bameso club surpassed convincingly to the club Mauricio Báez 81-66, in the seventh and decisive game of the final series of the Superior Basketball Tournament of the National District, held to a full house at the Palacio de los Deportes Virgilio Travieso Soto.

Víctor Liz, the best player in the entire series was selected Most Valuable Player. a total of 38 votes out of a possible 42 from the sports writers specialized in basketball present at the official venue of the event.

The captain of the national team led the Bameso's offense with 20 points, Edward Santana added; 19 and captured 7 rebounds. Miguel Dicent finished with 15 points, 5 rebounds and 5 assists. Trahson Burrel finished with 14 points, to complete the quartet of double figures for Bameso. Juan Miguel Suero scored. 30 points  and Brandone Francis added: 18 to lead Mauricio Báez.

Bameso managed to win. the third championship from him . They put their record at 3-0 in series finals in the TBS District. In 2012, Víctor Liz and Edward Santana were also present.

Happy Yoel managed to his first championship in district basketball. debuted with victory against an experienced leader such as Julio César Javier del Mauricio Báez.

For the seventh consecutive time in the TBS District, he obtains the title a different champion. The last to repeat championships was Bameso in 2011 and 2012.

Edward Santana headlined Bameso's offense in the first half with 12 points, Burrell scored; 7 points. Liz and Dicent added 6 points each. Juan Miguel Suero scored. 15 points in the first 20 minutes of action and Brandone Francis finished. with 10. The second quarter favored to Bameso 16-9.

In the third quarter Bameso dominated; 26-16, including a 16-2 rally, with 2 minutes of action remaining, to put the stock 57-41. In the last quarter, Bameso moved the ball very well to ensure victory against a Mauricio who presented Few alternatives to answer. The fourth period ended. tied at 19 points.

Víctor Liz's injury

During the last period of the match, the player from Santiago, Víctor Liz, from Bameso, suffered from injuries. He had a strong fall, so at the end of it it was necessary to take him to a health center in an ambulanceto do the rigorous tests.

The BanReservas Champion Cup was presented by César Cedeño, to whom version 46 of the TBS DN 2022 was dedicated, which was organized by the District Basketball Association National (Abadina), chaired by Colonel (PN) Diego Pesqueira, and the Committee Organizer headed it Eduardo Sanz Lovatón (Yayo), General Director of Customs (DGA).

Cedeño was accompanied in the delivery by Pesqueira himself, on behalf of de Abadina, and Fernando Teruel, general director of TBS DN 2022, who presented the BanReservas Cup to the president of the Bameso club, Alberto Castro, and the team leader Yoel Feliz, among other directors of the champion club, players and members of the technical body.

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