“To my love, Julieta”: Nodal's dedication to Cazzu at the Latin Grammys

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The Sonoran singer won the award for best Música Ranchera-Mariachi album

“To my love, Julieta”: Nodal's dedication to Cazzu at the Latin Grammys

Nodal dedicated his Latin Grammy award to Julieta Cazzu (REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni)

Tonight singer Christian Nodal won the award for best Ranchera-Mariachi Music album for EP #1 Outlaw at the Latin Grammy 2022. After winning this category, the native of Sonora dedicated his victory to Cazzu, with whom he has had a romantic relationship for five months.

To my love, to Julieta, thanks for restarting my life and for making me love the awards”, were part of her words after receiving the award.

She also thanked his fans, his team and Sony, the label with which he collaborated for the first time on this recording.

“Thank you to all my fans who are the main reason I dedicate myself to making music. Second, thank you very much to all the people who support me in the studio, to my buddy Alex, to my buddy Edgar Barrera, to Luis Barrera. I want to thank the entire Sony team for giving me so much love, so much affection, ”he mentioned.

“To my love, Julieta”: Nodal's dedication to Cazzu at the Latin Grammys

Nodal and Cazzu were seen together at the Latin Grammys (Photo: REUTERS/Steve Marcus)

Nodal was up against the following singers and album nominees:

– Mexican in love with Ángela Aguilar

– My Heritage, My Blood by Majo Aguilar

– 40th Anniversary Mariachi Ambassadors Mariachi Sol de México-José Hernández

– Que Ganas De Verte (Deluxe) by Marco Antonio Solís

“To my love, Julieta”: Nodal's dedication to Cazzu at the Latin Grammy

Christina Aguilera and Christian Nodal perform during the 23rd annual Latin Grammy Awards show in Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S., November 17, 2022. REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni

Before being awarded, the man from Sonora performed the song Cuando me da la gana along with Christina Aguilera, who performed for the second consecutive year after almost two decades without participating.

This song was nominated for Best Regional Mexican Song, but the award was won by Edgar Barrera, Carin León and Matisse for As I did.< /i>

During the event, there were also presentations by other Mexicans such as Ángela Aguila, Majo Aguilar and Banda Los Sebastianes; that of Chiquis Rivera with the band Los Recoditos and Marco Antonio Solís, El Buki.

The story of Christian Nodal and Cazzu

< p class="paragraph">It was on June 7 that the regional Mexican singer was first seen holding hands with rapper Cazzu, less than six months after his breakup with Belinda, who you were engaged to.

At first the couple kept their relationship away from the public eye. It has been Nodal who has broken part of this privacy when talking about the Argentine interpreter.

“To my love, Julieta”: Nodal's dedication to Cazzu at the Latin Grammys

The story of Nodal and Cazzu began in June of this year (Getty Images)

One of the most controversial statements that the artist has made regarding their romance was the one he made during a concert, when he dedicated the song That and more by Joan Sebastian.

However, it was not the dedication that caused a stir but her words, which were: “Today I dedicate it to the person that I love the most and who has taught me the most and helped me to release the strongest burdens that I have had in this life. I regret dedicating it earlier, but this song goes to Cazzu. I'm not Romeo, but I love my Juliet”.

In addition, a rumor recently arose that Nodal and Cazzu will collaborate on a song< /b> that would take the Sonoran out of his comfort zone, being of the urban genre.

A leak from the subject revealed that it is based on his love story, because part of the lyrics is: “For every crazy woman there is a crazy person. Happy are those who are found. And every time I roll it up, you turn it on and come over and we do it again.”