Tips to scan a QR code safely

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Using this access method you can also land on fake pages, be scammed or download malicious files

Tips to scan a QR code safely

To scan them, several factors must be taken into account because our security can be affected.

QR codes have become a way of sharing information and to access links in a very simple way, which the pandemic also helped to popularize with the scanning of menus. However, this method is not without its dangers.

Like any Internet tool, vulnerability will always exist. Being a form of connectivity that is so widely used, criminals take advantage of its popularity to attack users with false pages to steal data or download malicious files.

So there are several ways to take care of a situation, making a code scan as safe as possible.


The first thing to keep in mind will always be to be as protected as possible. This can be achieved by having the operating system in its latest possible version, be it Android or iOS, and that the cell phone supports it. The same with applications, which are up to date and have been downloaded officially or with trusted APKs.

Criminals attack through any hole they find open, as if it were the window of a house. So the first thing to do is to have a secure phone.

Tips to scan a QR code safely

To scan them, several factors must be taken into account because our security may be affected.


Just as you should never open a link from a strange SMS, you should never access a QR code that is not what it should be. For example, going to a restaurant and the menu is by this method, but when you scan it in the preview of the link or the page you see something totally different from what it should be.

In case this happens, one option to be sure is to look for the link that appears in the preview on the internet and verify that it does not have any alert or has been reported.

Do not share data

These codes are also often used in the middle of online shopping processes, however, it is better to avoid those cases because sensitive data is delivered in codes that are open. In that case, it is better to do the process from the official application of the bank or the store.

Tips for scanning a QR code safely

To scan them, several factors must be taken into account because our security may be affected.

Support applications

In this section there are several options to consider, because there are tools that can help to perform a secure scan and others to verify the security of a website.

For the latter there is VirusTotal, which is a page and an application for Android, where a link is placed for it to perform an analysis and generate an answer if the site is safe or not. In it you can also review files or other installed applications.

In case you want a safe scanning app, there are several alternatives for users of the Google operating system: QR Scanner-Safe QR Code Reader, powered by Trend Micro, Kaspersky QR Code Reader & Scanner and Lionic Secure QR Code Scanner.

All of these make the scan as secure as possible, which can help complement all of the previous tips. Although with the tool that the cell phone has to open QR codes it can also be done, taking into account the previous recommendations.

It is important to mention that this entire security process must be accompanied by good Practices such as constantly changing passwords, not using the same password for several platforms, not sharing personal information on social networks, not accessing strange links, not sharing security codes via SMS and activating double verification to access certain platforms.

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