TikTok star priest declares homosexuality not a sin, thrills Church

September 14, 2021 by archyde
Priest Matthieu Jasseron, Tik Tok Stars

His name is Matthieu Jasseron, he is abbot in the diocese of Sens-Auxerre in Yvonne and he is followed by 633,000 people on TikTok. What makes it successful? His way of approaching religion with modernity. At the end of August, the man of the Church answered the question of an Internet user: “Can we be gay and Christian? Is being homosexual or practicing homosexuality a sin? ” His response made the Church tremble: “I will be frank and honest with you friends: no.”

In this video, viewed over 1.7 million times, he says: “Nowhere in the Bible is it marked that homosexuality is a sin. (…) God loves all his children. He created us all out of love and for love. ”

Father Matthieu also speaks to a transgender who says he has been rejected from his parish. “Condemning and rejecting someone for their identity, their political, sexual, culinary or even appearance, and in addition to using the Bible to legitimize their hatred, it shouldn’t have existed for 2000 years.”

The Diocese of Sens & Auxerre quickly dissociated itself from Father Matthieu’s words. “Father Matthieu Jasseron, priest of the diocese of Sens & Auxerre has been developing a presence on the TikTok social network for several months. However, like many priests, Father Jasseron expresses himself there in a personal capacity, without having received the particular mission. ”

The Catholic Church’s Twitter account says it “disapproves of some of these videos which misrepresent the Church’s message”. “Their audience success doesn’t mean they’re fair.”

Father Matthew is not going back and he recently released a video in which he responds to the wave of hatred that followed his support for homosexuals. “To all the repressed homophobes who hide behind religion, let me read this sentence from Pope Francis: If a gay person seeks God and shows good will, who am I to judge them?”

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