TikTok included in the list of most valuable brands in the world

TikTok вошел в список самых дорогих брендов мира

TikTok has entered into hundreds of brands. Photo: unsplash.com

Authority database the BrandZ released its annual ranking of the world’s brands. In the top 100 in 2020 fell five newcomers, among them — social network TikTok.

First place in the list kept by Amazon, which last year increased its price from 315 to 415,9 billion.

The first top ten looks as follows (indicate the brand value in billions of dollars).

  1. Amazon (415,9 billion)
  2. Apple (352,2)
  3. Microsoft (326,5)
  4. Google (323,6)
  5. Visa (186,8)
  6. Alibaba (152,5)
  7. Tencent (150,9)
  8. Facebook (147,1)
  9. McDonald’s (is 129.3)
  10. MasterCard (108,1)

It is noteworthy that five of the ten top-tens from the field of technology.

In the list this year broke and TikTok, finishing in 79th place with a company value of almost $ 17 billion.

Despite the pandemic of the coronavirus, the total value of brands increased by 5.9% and amounted to 5 trillion dollars (prior to that, analysts predicted the 9% growth).

Stronger than all “grown up” retailers, growth in this sector amounted to 21%, mainly due to online companies.



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