TikTok enters the streaming music business like Spotify and Deezer

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The Resso app, also developed by ByteDance, could sync your activity with the video platform.

TikTok enters the streaming music business like Spotify and Deezer

The Resso application, also developed by Byte Dance, could synchronize its activity with the TikTok platform. (Photo: 9toMac)

TikTok could soon have a version dedicated solely to the music streaming service and ByteDance, the company that develops the social network is already preparing an upcoming global launch of this additional platform under the possible name of TikTok Music.

According to the media TechCrunch, trade registrations of the name “TikTok Music” have been found in different countries and regions, such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Singapore, New Zealand, Mexico, Malaysia, Australia and Costa Rica.

Furthermore, the documents reported indicate that this application would have the same functions as others related to the playing songs on mobile and desktop devices, such as listening to music, and creating playlists. However, it also has other special features such as commenting songs and participating in karaoke.

On the other hand, users will also have the possibility to buy, play, share, download music, songs, albums, lyrics, phrases, as well as recommend playlists, lyrics, edit and upload photos to customize playlist covers and the aforementioned ability to make comments.

TikTok enters the streaming music business like Spotify and Deezer

Commercial registrations of the name “TikTok Music” have been found in the United States, United Kingdom, Singapore, New Zealand, Mexico, Malaysia, Australia, and Costa Rica. (Photo: Xataka)

Synchronization with Resso

ByteDance not only develops the TikTok application , but also has a platform specifically for playing music called Resso. Although it only operates in Brazil, Indonesia, and India, this streaming service would have the ability to sync your activity with a separate TikTok Music app.referred to as “part of TikTok”.

“Your profile and activity on TikTok Music will be synced and used to personalize your experience on both TikTok as in TikTok Music. You can manage this in the Settings” section, it is stated in the Resso app code snippet found by TechCrunch.

Though not yet known whether Resso will host a TikTok Music beta test, what could be known thanks to the report of the American media is that a web page has been launched with the URL of “music.tiktok.com” although it can only be visited in certain territories such as Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Malaysia and Singapore.

TikTok enters the streaming music business like Spotify and Deezer

The TikTok Music website is only accessible in some regions (TikTok/TechCrunch)

Inside the website you can see a download button which is not yet functional but allows you to display a message: “We are working to bring a desktop version. Please come back soon”, so it can be inferred that time and resources are currently being devoted to a platform that can be used on both mobile devices and computers.

Another sign of ByteDance 's evident desire to develop a platform connected to TikTok and dedicated specifically to music is the creation of a account. b>Twitter and another from Instagram, both verified and with the name of TikTok Music, although they have been inactive since April of this year.

Although it is not yet known when it will be launched on the global market, the TikTok Music projectyou already have people watching your progress and any upcoming posts or announcements that may occur on your social media accounts.

TikTok enters the music business streaming like Spotify and Deezer

Tiktok's Twitter profile published promotional images in April this year but has remained inactive since then. (Screenshot)

The company that develops the social network, ByteDance, considers that TikTok is an application with the potential to become a superapp, a platform dedicated to more than one function For the users. That is why within the projects that are in mind, in addition to TikTok Music, is to turn the global version of the social network into a platform for mobile games without this meaning a reduction of its main video aspect.

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