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t9 4Y Tiger Woods breaks his right leg in a car accident - The Times Hub

Tiger Woods breaks his right leg in a car accident

Tiger Woods breaks his right leg in a car accident

The world of sports is holding its breath again for Tiger Woods . The 45-year-old American golfer underwent emergency surgery on Tuesday after suffering a serious car accident near Los Angeles (California) and breaking his right leg. The legendary player presented fractures in the lower part and in the ankle of the limb, and had to also be operated on for the affected muscles in the area. “Mr. Woods suffers from several major orthopedic injuries to the lower leg that have undergone surgery. Several minute open fractures [in which the bone is broken into two or more fragments] involving the upper and lower tibia and fibula have been stabilized after inserting a rod into the tibia. All other injuries to the foot and ankle bones have been stabilized with a combination of screws. Injuries to the muscles and soft tissues in the leg have also required release of the muscle covering to relieve pressure from swelling, ”said Anish Mahajan, Chief of the Medical Office at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center.

The definitive documentary on Tiger Woods, his fall and resurrection Tiger Woods falls again PHOTOGALLERY: The trajectory of Tiger Woods

The accident occurred shortly before 7.15 in the morning in Rancho Palos Verdes, a city in Los Angeles County. Firefighters pulled Woods out of the overturned vehicle, in a patch of greenery away from the road he was traveling on, and he was later taken by ambulance to a hospital. Woods was driving alone. Steinberg, the eternal representative of the famous athlete, published a short statement shortly after. "He is currently in surgery," said the agent, who asked for privacy and support.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department (LASD) noted in a statement that they had to use "hydraulic tools rescue ”to get the golfer out of the car. "Tiger Woods has injuries that are not life-threatening," LASD Lt. Michael White went on to clarify. The athlete crashed his car into a median, crossed two lanes in the opposite direction, rolled over several times and ended up sideways near a steep road. The airbags were activated and the interior of the vehicle remained basically intact, which "gave him a cushion to survive the accident," said Sheriff Alex Villanueva.

According to the first findings, he was traveling at considerable speed. Woods was consciously evacuated through the front window of his vehicle. Carlos González, the sheriff's deputy, who treated him at the scene of the accident, assured that he spoke with the athlete. “I asked him what his name was and he said, 'My name is Tiger,” González explained. “He had injuries to both legs but was lucky because the car's cabin was almost intact. People are often in shock after such an accident, but he responded instantly. We waited for the fire brigade and when he left he could not stand. Mr. Woods is lucky to have been able to get out of this alive, ”added González.

The last public appearance of Tiger Woods was this past Sunday, in a television interview on CBS during the final day of the Genesis Invitational tournament, which he is the host but could not play because he had just undergone back surgery for the fifth time in your career . This new step in the operating room once again placed the sporting future of an athlete heavily punished by injuries (five back operations and five knee operations) at a crossroads and his participation in the first big of the season, the Masters, was already up in the air. from Augusta that each year is his big goal in the dream of reaching Jack Nicklaus's 18 greats (Tiger adds 15). "God, I hope so," he replied when asked if he would be recovered to fight in April for a new green jacket. “First, I have to get there. Much of that has to be decided by my surgeons, doctors, and physical therapists. It's the only backing I have and I don't have much room for maneuver. At the moment, I am still in the gym, doing my rehabilitation work, ”said El Tigre.

Those words from Woods longing for a speedy recovery came less than 48 hours before his accident. The injuries that, according to the authorities and his agent, he has suffered and that have forced him to undergo surgery, question not only his short-term future on a golf course, but even if he will be able to play again. The last time he did it professionally was last December, at a tournament in Orlando that is played with family members and in which he formed a couple with his son Charlie. Tiger described it as one of the best moments of his life.

Tiger Woods will leave the pool of the top 50 golfers in the world rankings for the first time since August 2018. In total, he has been among this elite for 1,069 weeks, which represents 20 and a half years of his career. Precisely this coming August Woods will turn 25 years since he turned professional in 1996. The following year, in April 1997, he won the Augusta Masters , his first major. He began a unique career that in a quarter of a century has seen him be both in heaven and hell.

The precedent of 2017

It is not the first problem with the car that Tiger Woods suffers. In May 2017, he was arrested in Florida for driving under the influence of a mixture of alcohol and drugs . The player, who was also injured in the back then, as now, was taking various substances against pain, which affected his ability to concentrate and stay awake at the wheel. Tiger lost control of the vehicle but was not in a serious accident. The police stopped him and asked several questions to which Woods, practically asleep, could barely answer.

The image of his mugshot, with his face swollen and his eyes practically closed, went around the world like the symbol of a myth sunk, a new fall to the bottom, together with the recognized infidelities that even led him to withdraw momentarily from golf. That scandal, in 2009, was preceded by another car accident . Tiger crashed into a tree after a marital argument

Blow by blow, the career of a world sports legend is staggering more than ever

Messages from Rafa Nadal, Jon Rahm …

Tiger Woods accident led to immediate a wave of reactions throughout the golf world. From many players to the American circuit (PGA) and the Augusta Masters sent their messages of support to the American golfer. Spanish sports figures such as Rafa Nadal (the tennis player has confessed that Tiger has been his only sports idol) and Jon Rahm, world number two, also expressed solidarity with the player. “We know how tough you are, we've seen it hundreds of times. Hoping and praying that you are well, my friend, ”wrote golfer Justin Rose on social media. “Tiger Woods is part of the Augusta National family, and the news of his accident upsets us all. We pray for him, for his full recovery and for his family during this difficult time, ”said Fred Riley, president of Augusta. “My stomach has turned upside down when I found out about the accident. It hurts to see something like this happen to one of your best friends. I hope you are well, I am worried about your children. Sure everyone is fighting, "added Justin Thomas.

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