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Tibo InShape violently tackled by Quotidien because of this racist tweet

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun21,2024

A few weeks after presenting his false program for the 2032 presidential elections,Tibo InShape finds himself at the heart of a newcontroversy >, after a racist tweet resurfaced.

Tibo InShape violently taclé because of this racist tweet

controversies, n°1 on youtube… tibo inshape takes center stage

Tibo InShape is a bit of a specialist in controversies and slip-ups , so much so that we end up wondering if, in addition to being clumsy, he might not have found the miracle recipe to create buzz at the same time. all cost. Between his numerous road trips and his /TikTok shorts that he spams on social networks, Thibaud Delapart, his real name, knows how to capture attention. À such thathe exceeded Squeezie to become the number 1 YouTuber in France a month ago,and that he has surpassed the number 1 YouTuber in France. the 20 million subscribers in the process.

Tibo InShape violently tackled by Quotidien because of this racist tweet< /p>

A meteoric rise, which his detractors do not appreciate very much. They criticize him in particular for not taking sides against the far right on the political spectrum. the approach of the Legislatives, contrary to the 200 of his fellow influencers signed a platform. Conversely, Tibo InShape published a long message on which he encourages everyone to vote in one’s soul and conscience. And that earned him a big tackle from the Quotidien show, this Thursday, June 20, 2024.

For several days, I have seen people and even people who love each other tearing each other apart. cause of political opinions.

It is not by insulting each other, respectively « fascists » or « left-wingers », that this will make things happen.

Let's learn how to talk to us and…

June 14, 2024

daily comes out this racist tweet from thibaud delapart

Tibo InShape is “an example for the RN”, because it is proof “that we can access the throne even when, in the past, we had a less glorious speech”< /em>. This is what the judge judged. Yann Marguet,columnist in the showQuotidien, this Thursday evening. To support his words, he posted a tweet dating from January 2012, “from the time when he was still called Thibaud Delapart.” The tweet in question is indeed quite compromising, since we can read this:  “sometimes when I'm angry I have fun throwing pork ribs at the Muslims what, it's cool, they burn their meat slow”. 

I really like this sequence about Tibo “the fascist” InShape. #Daily

June 20, 2024

In this case, the tweet cited is a sentence originally uttered by comedian Redouanne Harjane in a sketch. The problem is that in his youth, Tibo InShape published other discriminatory tweets, including complaining that a “black [was] re-elected”, or that “gay marriage [was] adopted”.

You've probably heard of all these tweets by now, since they regularly resurface on social media, and the show Blast used them in a report against Tibo InShape. He also filed a complaint at the time.

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