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Tibo InShape presents its false program for the 2032 Presidential elections

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun6,2024

Tibo InShape has become the number one on YouTube in France. What if one of the next steps in his career was to become President of the Republic? On X, the influencer shared a start of a (false)program which makes Internet users react.

Tibo InShape presents its false program for the 2032 Presidential elections

the number 1 on YouTube is still talking about him

Squeezie fans are still having a hard time. You can't digest it, but with more than 19 million subscribers on YouTube, Tibo InShape has officially become the #1 platform. This is not deserved, because a large part of the subscribers are English-speaking and do not really follow the videos of the Toulouse man, but only his shorts. However, it is clear that Thibaud Delapart, his real name, has understood how the YouTube algorithm works.

Tibo InShape presents his false program for the 2032 Presidential elections

At the same time, the videographer is also making waves on social networks, particularly on social networks. through lots of bad buzz. Whether these are voluntary or not, Tibo InShape knows how to advertise. And he hit loudly, this Wednesday, suggesting that he could run for the presidential elections! After having published a tweet encouraging his followers to go vote this weekend for Europeans, an Internet user asked him when we could vote for him. His response? “2032”.

tibo inshape, president of the ;public?

Shortly after having mentioned a potential presentation in the 2032 elections, Tibo InShape published a series of tweets, which appear to be out of date. take it in the second degree. Because if it offers an attractive start to the program based on on health, education and ecology (to be discovered below), he speaks to many people. use the third person and imagine a press article in the third person. its subject: “During his announcement speech in Toulouse, his hometown, Tibo InShape declared: “I want France to get back into shape! Not just physically, but economically, ecologically and socially.” His words were met with enthusiastic applause from a crowd of supporters of all ages, testifying to his immense popularity.”< /em>. 

A Focused Program on Health and Education

Tibo InShape revealed the broad outlines of its program, centered on on health public sector, education and technological innovation. Among its flagship proposals:

Health Reform; : Creation of free wellness centers in…

June 5, 2024

Obviously, the tone used is is ironic.If you still doubt it, just see the influencer's response when asked how he plans to repay France's debt:“OnlyFan for everyone, there's no choice” . If some Internet users wonder or wonder if it is not ChatGPT behind these posts,Tibo InShape fans are rather amused. One of them even imagined a page from an old paper newspaper dedicated to the man.

Tibo InShape presents its false program for the 2032 Presidential elections

Showing self-deprecation and anticipating criticism, Tibo InShape imagines the negative feedback he would experience if he ran for the 2032 presidential elections: “Some political analysts point the finger at his lack of experience in politics. Being a social media star is not enough to lead a country”. If we should therefore not take Tibo's posts at face value, we are still entitled to wonder if a concrete project is not hidden behind these traits of humor.&nbsp ;

Tibo InShape claimed; à several times that he might enter politics one day, possibly as Minister of Sports. Between now and the presidential elections of 2032, the 32-year-old Toulouse would have plenty of time to develop a real program. But the fact is that he has no experience in this matter…yet. So, could Tibo InShape be a candidate in the elections of 2032 according to you? Give us your opinion in comments!

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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