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Tibo InShape dethrones Squeezie and becomes the first French creator on YouTube

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May26,2024

It's official: Tibo InShape has just overtaken Squeezie in terms of number of subscribers on YouTube! As a result, the fitness influencer has been, since this Sunday, May 26, the first YouTuber in France. When this news was announced, Twitter was on fire!

Tibo InShape dethrones Squeezie and becomes the first French creator ais on YouTube

Goal achieved for Tibo InShape

Indeed, it was last year that Tibo InShape had declared aim to become the French number 1 on YouTube. He had explained Be able to to become one and have the soul of a competitor as well as the love of challenges and surpassing oneself.

For his part, Squeezie made his return to the platform belonging to Google on May 18 after taking a four-month break. The 28-year-old whose real name is Lucas Hauchard had announced; on January 22 wanting to take some rest and “to have clear ideas and to have inspiration too“. Just two weeks ago, Squeezie held the record in France for the number of subscribers on YouTube for a content creator He had no less than 18.8 million subscribers. However, Tibo Inshape amazed Internet users when they discovered that he was slowly approaching. but surely from Squeezieafter having exceeded Cyprien four months ago. The specialized YouTuber in bodybuilding was then at its peak. 18.1 million fans on his channel.

Tibo InShape dethrones Squeezie and becomes the first French creator on YouTube

Tibo InShape dethrones Squeezie, Internet users don't understand

And it only took a few days for the YouTuber from Toulouse to achieve his goal of overtaking Squeezie

strong>. Indeed, Tibo InShape has officially become the most followed French YouTuber, dethroning the most popular content creator. who we owe the GP Explorer with 18.9 million subscribers. To affirm that Tibo InShape is the first YouTuber in France, you have to go to the YouTube Subscriber Counter site to look in detail at the figures in order to see that the 32-year-old from Toulouse has exceeded his number. its counterpart of 13,300 subscribers on Saturday night at Sunday at 1:55 a.m.. To this announcement, many Internet users reacted on social networks, particularly on X (formerly Twitter) to express their opinion. their dissatisfaction and their surprise.

Tibo Inshape in front of Squeezie.. A bit of a shame to have this kind of guy as the first Youtuber from France, especially with most of his subscribers coming from his crappy plagiarized shorts?

May 25, 2024

ÇThat's it, TiboInShape has just overtaken Squeezie?

May 26, 2024

Uh tibo inshape first youtubeur I think I'm dreaming xdddd
Squeezie first to never in our hearts

May 26, 2024

tibo inshape which surpasses our good old squeezos, no there; the world is really going badly

May 26, 2024

Huh? But who are the people who follow Tibo Inshape?

May 26, 2024

I just came across a YouTube live and I see tibo in shape to agrave; exceeded squeezie in subscription I missed an episode lol

May 25, 2024

As you can see, the Internet users are not really happy to know that Tibo InShape now occupies first placeon the YouTube video hosting platform. It must be said that the latter is regularly criticized. because of the numerous controversies it can cause. Lately, he and Ophenya had been together. ousted from this program. A decision taken in the face of controversy.

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