Three-year-old boy named Britain's smartest child

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Three-year-old boy named Britain's smartest child

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A three-year-old boy is named the smartest child in Britain, writes Mirror. His parents said that his son already knew how to read at the age of two.

Teddy Hobbs began to read during quarantine due to the coronavirus, surprising his mother and father with this. After that, the boy learned to count up to & nbsp; 100 in & nbsp; Chinese. In addition, he already knows the multiplication table by heart. Seeing their son's progress, the parents asked Mensa society experts to test the child.

According to the test results, the experts reported that Teddy has the intelligence of an eight-year-old child. In his free time, the boy does gymnastics and swimming. He also loves to read to his one year old sister and dreams of becoming a doctor.

"All we want from Teddy is — to be a good person and enjoy life. It's everything any parent could want”, — commented the boy's mother.

Previously, BAGNET reported that the 11-year-old Briton surpassed Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein in IQ.

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