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Three situations when you can't put the phone on the charger

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun23,2024

Three situations when not you can charge the phone

Incorrect use of the charger can significantly shorten the life of the smartphone battery. Below are three situations in which it is not recommended to charge the phone.


Charging to 100%

Repair specialists claim that the habit of charging a smartphone to 100% has a negative effect on the battery. The range of 40-80% is considered the optimal charge level for extending the service life. Constantly charging to the maximum causes the battery to be in a state of maximum voltage, which accelerates wear.

Charging in direct sunlight and hot conditions

If you charge your smartphone in a hot room or under direct sunlight, the gadget will overheat. High temperature during charging increases the heating of the battery, which can damage the device. For safe charging, you should choose a cool and shady place and, if possible, cool the room.

Simultaneous use and charging of the phone

Many users do not know that it is not possible to simultaneously charge and actively use the phone . During the charging process, the device heats up, and active use increases the heating even more. This can cause overheating, causing functionality issues such as the phone freezing or turning off involuntarily.

Using an original charger

It is recommended to use an original charger for safe and long-lasting use of your phone. Cheap analogues can be of poor quality, which negatively affects the battery, connector and internal microcircuits of the device. Using the original charger purchased together with the phone helps to avoid these problems.


Following these recommendations will allow you to extend the life of the battery and prevent premature wear of the smartphone.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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