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B&eacute ;three-month-old baby died in Beauport: the SPVQ is conducting an investigation

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The death occurred in a residence on avenue Royale.

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Around 1:50 p.m. Sunday, a 29-year-old woman called 911 to say her three-month-old baby was not breathing.

The police quickly went to the residence on Avenue Royale, in Beauport, where the call came from and began resuscitation maneuvers. The toddler was subsequently taken care of by paramedics.

The SPVQ indicates that the ambulance was escorted by police officers to a hospital center to maximize the child's chances of survival, but in vain.

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Three other children were at the scene of the baby's death Sunday afternoon.

An investigation is underway to establish the causes and circumstances of the child’s death. Technicians from the Forensic Identification Unit came to the scene to contribute to the investigation.

An investigation is automatically triggered during any death of a child under six years old, said SPVQ spokesperson David Poitras.

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