Three Instagram tips to have successful Reels

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Tutorials teach users how to use social network tools to create video content

Three Instagram tips for successful Reels

The tutorials will teach users how to use the social network's tools to create video content. (photo: Meta)

Meta and the social networks it develops, such as Instagram and Facebook, have given priority to short video content in vertical format offered in its Reels section, as a way to compete with other platforms that do the same thing like TikTok or YouTube Shorts.

That's why, in addition to performing updates To benefit the user experience, Meta has included ways to guide creators in producing more and better content that can be beneficial to the platform.

< p class="paragraph">A post on the Instagram support web page available to all users, indicates how to access this new feature that can help a person become a successful creator of content.

Three Instagram tips to have Successful Reels

Reel Suggestions are short tutorials on how to use Instagram tools to create content within the platform.

Instagram Reel Suggestions

The Reels Tips section on the Meta Platform is a collection of tutorials showing how content creators can use b>social networkto generate attractive videos for your audience and that have great exposure among users.

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This section is designed to teach users how to use the tools for audio, voiceover, text, as well as advanced features such as creating remixes and effects within of the reel videos to generate interaction within the platform.

According to Instagram, reel suggestions can appear while the user is viewing a reel they have previously posted on the social network. In order to enter this section, you must follow these steps:

Three Instagram tips to have successful Reels

Content creators will be able to see more suggested reels as the platform updates. (photo: Mediotiempo)

– Touch the See Reel Suggestions icon which is shaped like a light bulb and is located in the upper right corner of the screen while creating a reel.

– Your can slide your finger to the right to show more suggestions.

– The user should touch those suggestions on which they want for more information.

– Once you have learned the steps to create content using the selected tool, you will need to tap the Create Reel button at the bottom of the screen.

Also, the social network indicates that Reel Suggestions can be found at the top of the profile or in the form of a notification at the top of the Activity section. The tutorials will be displayed once the notification has been clicked and the included content will expand as the section is updated.

Creator Rewards

While the Instagram platform benefits from the content creators produce within its platform, up to At the moment users did not receive incentives or benefits as rewards for their work. However, this changed with the arrival of a new update to the social network in which the Reels Achievements are introduced.

Three Instagram tips to have Successful Reels

Reel Achievements on Instagram (Capture)

These medals or recognitions are the way the platform has of motivating users to continue generating content and interaction in their profiles and consists of a collection of badges that the user will earn based on their activity within Instagram.

To earn these badges, users have different options, all of which involve some level of involvement with their community through content creation. These can be collaborations with other creators, engaging with your community using Instagram's tools , using popular audio or effects, or maintaining a creative streak of a certain number of days in a row posting content.

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