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Three Guinness records at once: a resident of Dnipro pulled a 2.5-ton minibus with his beard< /p> Three Guinness records at once/

In Dnipro, 35-year-old local resident Dmytro Grunsky pulled a 2.5-ton minibus with the help of his beard. Thus, he entered the Guinness Book of Records.

A few months after the last two world records, strongman Dmytro Grunsky broke three more. This was reported on the website of the Guinness Book of World Records.

In one day, Dmytro set three world records at once:

  • the heaviest car that pulled by the beard – 2580 kg.
  • the heaviest car that was pulled by the neck – 7760 kg.
  • the most cars that were pulled by the teeth – 7 units, the total weight of which together with the drivers was 8784 kg.

It is interesting that Grunsky's first attempt to set a record with the help of a beard took place back in 2019. However, it was not successful then, as the hair simply could not withstand the load. The man did not give up on this, but continued to work and develop.

In the following years, he grew a longer beard and experimented with new ways of weaving it to make it as strong and rope-like as possible, – says the comment on the new record.

This time Dmytro managed to pull a minibus weighing 2.58 tons with the help of his beard to beat the previous record of 1 ton 950 kg, set 10 years ago by Antanas Kontrimas from Lithuania.


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