Three Google tools to find offers

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Price comparison and discount coupons are the search engine options for users to save money on their end-of-year purchases

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Three Google tools to find deals

Price comparison and discount coupons are the search engine options for users to save money on their weekend purchases year. REUTERS/Clodagh Kilcoyne/File Photo

During the year-end festivitiesUsers tend to carry out searches related to the purchase of Christmas gifts for their family and close friends, so the offers of the products acquire great relevance when deciding what to buy. According to Google, 43% of users plan to search for deals and sales more than last year

That's why the technology company incorporated into its search engine tools so that users interested in buying some products can find the offers and discounts they want to save some money and buy the products they want.

Google discount coupons

The discount codes or coupons are common in virtual stores to provide benefits to a small group of customers. people. Some can even be applied to previously discounted products, making the savings be higher in these cases.

To help shoppers save time and money, Google added a promotions feature during search sessions for specific products. In these cases, the promotion badge “Special Offer” will appear on items that have some discounts.

Three Google tools to find deals

Google added the “Special Offer” promotion badge, which will appear on items that have some discounts. (Google)

Unlike past versions, the company will now display a special code that can be copied with one click and applied to the specific product in the shop. According to the official Google blog, this feature will be available to all users in the coming weeks.

Compare prices on a single screen

According to the technology company, during the year 2021 the vast majority of users looking to buy some products came to visit several websites before making the final decision on what to buy in this period of the year. That's why we developed a way to make the search for the best price less tedious.

Google indicates that the product searches will include specific offer results for certain products on a single screen, so if users wish, they can compare prices and discounts at various stores at the same time. same time from the same browser window.

Three Google tools to find deals

Product searches on Google will include specific offers that users can compare on a single screen within the search engine. (Google)

However, it is not known if the price comparison feature will be available worldwide as Google indicates that it will be enabled in the United States< /b> this month, but not that it has plans for service expansion in other countries.

Google pricing information

In addition to the tools already mentioned, Google has another one that is being incorporated and that will provide users with more information about the price of products that can appear to define if they want to buy it or not.

Within the search, the user will be able to see a bar in which the minimum and maximum price at which a product in particular, in addition to locating the price that is consulted within the line to communicate to the user how close the price of the product is to those extremes.

Three Google tools to find deals

Search includes a bar on The one that locates the minimum and maximum price at which a particular product is obtained. (Google)

Sellers will also be able to review the performance of their products in online stores when they appear as a search result on Google.

With the aforementioned tools, the technology company seeks to make the purchase of products more comfortable and easier for users, in addition to providing them with facilities so that Christmas purchases can be made in advance. The availability of these functions will be gradual, so interested parties should be aware that they are activated in their countries and devices.

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