Three dangerous drug traffickers escaped from a prison in Rio de Janeiro

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The security cameras were not working at the time. The men used a makeshift ladder with sticks and scraps of sheets to escape

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Three dangerous drug traffickers escaped from a prison in Rio de Janeiro

The authorities published the photos of the criminals

Three drug traffickers, among them one considered of the most dangerous in Rio de Janeiro, they escaped from a jail in the north of the city this weekend, Brazilian authorities reported on Monday.

They suspect that the prisoners escaped through the back of the prison using an improvised ladder made from sticks and scraps of sheets, whose images were exhibited in the Brazilian media.

Jean Carlos dos Santos, 37-year-old, is known for ordering the murder of his own lawyer in in 2016, among other crimes for which he was convicted, and controlled traffic in a favela in the northern zone  from the city, before being arrested in in 2017, according to the local press.

At the time of the escape, around 03:00 local time on Sunday (0600 GMT), “all the prisoners were in their cells and the strategic (surveillance) posts should have been covered,” he told TV Globo Maria Rosa Nebel, Secretary of Penitentiary Administration of the State of Rio de Janeiro.

Nebel admitted that during the escape there were only seven policemen in charge of&nbsp ;more than 700 prisoners in the Lemos Brito prison in Bang├║, north of Rio, but he stated that this “does not justify the fact (…) We are investigating”, added.

Three dangerous drug traffickers escaped from a prison in Rio de Janeiro

Stairway used by drug traffickers to escape from prison

According to local media, the security cameras were not working at the time of the leak due to a power outage caused by heavy rain. This “may have affected the surveillance system of the unit,” said the Secretary of Prison Administration (SEAP) quoted by the G1 news portal.

Other of the men on the run and wanted by the police, Marcelo Sterque, had escaped from the same prison years before to commit a contract killing and return shortly after to his cell, for which he bribed the guards, according to the media.

Some fifteen prisoners from the same criminal group as the fugitives were transferred to a maximum security prison and Agents present during the escape “were replaced,” the SEAP reported in a statement.

A cell phone was found in the cell of the traffickers who fled, added the institution.

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