Three candidates for a job at the interview

Three candidates for a job at the interview

(Montreal) Have you ever dreamed of being “a little bird” and stepping inside the closed doors of the office where a job interview takes place? Here is your chance!

The interview, this docu-reality, which has already proven itself in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Spain and the United States under the name The Job Interview, has just been adapted to the Quebec market.

The concept: an employer receives three candidates for a vacant position. The viewer silently witnesses candidate preparation, interviews, deliberations, post-performance commentary from each aspirant, and the final choice of employer.

The camera even follows some candidates into their homes as they receive the employer’s verdict. Very sad to see a mother announcing to her daughters that she did not get the coveted job …

Over the 10 episodes, we meet new duos of employers. The empathy game works: for different reasons, we want to help candidates who are too nervous and we find ourselves suffering for the one who gets bogged down in his answers. Bets are taken quickly, sometimes for who should get the job, sometimes for who will be hired.

The series begins with a position of butcher to be filled in Montérégie and in the office, a surprise awaits the candidates; in the second episode, we will look for a travel guide for a family business in Trois-Rivières. The domains and regions vary from week to week.

Sur Moi et Cie, starting Tuesday, February 2 at 7:30 p.m.

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