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Negotiations continue in the meantime to find a solution to the labor dispute.

Thousands of union members demonstrate in Montreal | Strikes in the public sector in Quebec ;bec

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Thousands of FAE union members took to the streets on Tuesday in Montreal.

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    Teachers from the Autonomous Education Federation (FAE) once again invaded the streets of the metropolis on Tuesday to loudly demand the conclusion of an agreement with the Legault government which would make it possible to renew their collective agreements, which expired on March 31.

    A few thousand demonstrators took part in a march, which began at the foot of the monument to Sir Georges-Étienne-Cartier, on avenue du Parc, and ended in front of the office of Prime Minister Legault, rue Sherbrooke West. Everything took place peacefully.

    Negotiations are continuing in the meantime to find a solution to the labor dispute. The talks are also going in the right direction, according to what government and union authorities said on Monday.

    There are still discussions, so much the better, it's good news that things are moving forward, commented Tuesday Catherine Beauvais-St-Pierre, president of the #x27;Alliance of Montreal Professors, affiliated with the FAE.

    On the other hand, the important thing for us is to show the government that we are still as determined, and that we will return to class when we have an agreement that is satisfactory , she recalled in the same breath.

    Strikes in the public sector in Quebec

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    Strikes in the public sector in Quebec

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    The 66,000 FAE teachers have been on an indefinite general strike since November 23. Approximately 800 schools and 368,000 students are affected in Montreal, Laval, the Laurentians, Outaouais, the Capitale-Nationale and the Granby region.

    Also on strike, union members of the Union Common Front (CSN, FTQ, CSQ, APTS) also made themselves heard on Tuesday in Montreal, Quebec City and Sherbrooke, notably in front of the constituency offices of CAQ deputies from their respective regions .

    Swalkouts by public sector employees have been increasing for some time in Quebec. In addition to the FAE, the Common Front and the FIQ are on strike until Thursday, while the SPGQ will be on strike from Wednesday to Friday.

    Result: all public primary and secondary schools in Quebec are currently closed. In all, nearly a million students are deprived of lessons.

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    The 66,000 FAE teachers and their 368,000 students have not been going to school for 14 days.

    To convince the government to settle quickly, dozens of pediatricians and family doctors took up their pens to sign an open letter in La Presse+ on Tuesday, emphasizing that the labor dispute was likely to have a significant impact on children with special needs.

    The gap will widen even more, warns one of the signatories, Dr. Lydia Diliddo, pediatric emergency physician at CHU Sainte Justine. Those who had academic difficulties are those who suffer the most from the current situation, [and] we do not know if [this delay] will be made up for, she confided in an interview with Radio-Canada.

    < p class="StyledBodyHtmlParagraph-sc-48221190-4 hnvfyV">Community organizations have also raised the red flag in recent days to denounce school closures in the evenings and weekends, recalling that such directives would have the effect of leading to the cancellation of many cultural and sporting activities important for the development of young people.

    But the education sector is not the only one to make the costs of public sector strikes. The health system is also affected, and hundreds of operations are postponed every day, even though many of the network's activities are protected by Quebec legislation on essential services.

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