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Thousands of chickens die in a fire in Saint-Apollinaire

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8000 chickens died in the fire at the hatchery.

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In Lotbinière, 8,000 chickens perished during the night last in the fire of a henhouse of the company Couvoir Scott in Saint-Apollinaire.

The Saint-Appolinaire firefighters intervened around midnight:30 for a fire in a building approximately 450 feet long. They quickly requested help from those in Lévis and Saint-Antoine-de-Tilly to fight the flames which ultimately razed the building.

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Despite the efforts of firefighters, the animals perished in the fire.

The building is a total loss, according to the director of the Saint-Appolinaire Fire Department, Martin Miller.

It's been a long time since we've had a fire like that, testified the experienced firefighter.

A mechanical excavator was also used for the last fires in the henhouse.

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No one was hurt.

An investigation is open. For the moment, it appears to be a failure and the criminal theory is ruled out.

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