Those responsible for Ricardo Gareca's irreversible “no” and what should be the profile of the new national team coach

Those responsible for Ricardo Gareca's irreversible “no” and what should be the profile of the new national team coach

From his drowning in Buenos Aires to his arrival in Lima, eluding the press, Agustín Lozano could not convince Gareca when he really proposed it . In the midst of chaos, we must hit the technician.

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Those responsible for Ricardo Gareca's irreversible

Juan Reynoso and Hernán Crespo are some of the most famous options. (Photo: AFP/Reuters)

To say that he left through an alternate door is an understatement. Agustin Lozanoescaped She escaped from the press on Friday night, at the Jorge Chávez airport. She had a lot to say, but she refrained. That same day in the morning, the president of the Peruvian Football Federation had contacted Juan Carlos Oblitas to ask him to please intercede with < b>Ricardo Gareca to have a meeting in Buenos Aires. He would no longer send the emissaries from him. Now he would go personally.

Such a “detail” did not arouse any enthusiasm in the 'Tiger', who had lowered his finger on the negotiations in the middle of the week, and perhaps shortly before, when he learned from the press that the proposal that The FPF pondered for a month was to mutilate the salary of him and his technical team by 40%.

This dramatic television series is full of strangeness . And perhaps the last one was that call for help from Lozano to Oblite. The sports director, whose contract also ended with elimination from Qatar 2022, was not invited to Argentina to accompany the negotiations with the 'Tiger' as far as is known. So why turn to him only when the house was on fire?

Those responsible for Ricardo Gareca's irreversible

Juan Carlos Oblitas at the last press conference he gave in La Videna. He was optimistic about the renewal of Gareca. (Photo: Jesús Saucedo/GEC)

Everything indicates that it was a real blow from drowning. Lozano could imagine the sorrow that 's “no” would generate.Gareca, but he was not able to predict the massive rage that would be unleashed against him after his rudeness became known, not to mention his deliberate attitudes so that the negotiations did not come to fruition.

The last contact between Ricardo Gareca and Agustín Lozano was via WhatsApp. A communication through voice messages, where Lozano was left with the word in his mouth.

The last time the faces had been seen was in Lima, in a friendly and totally opposite context. A breakfast at the Country Club, where the promises could see a consideration that in the end they did not have.

Milton, Gareca's eldest son, and Mario Cupelli, his lawyer, were the ones who met in Buenos Aires on a couple of occasions with Lozano's entouragemade up of José Carlos Isla, leader of Juan Aurich and former lawyer of Edwin Oviedo, the wallpapered predecessor of Lozano; and Arturo Ríos, president of Atlético Grau.

Ríos, when intercepted by the swarm of colleagues, minimized the non-renewal of the 'Tigre', the coach who made us play a Copa America final at the Maracana and gave us back our soccer self-esteem by placing us in a World Cupafter almost four decades.

“There is no failure, no nothing. I can't testify”, she managed to say as she tried to push her way through the airport. At least she said something. You have to admit it.

< p>Those responsible for Ricardo Gareca's irreversible

They would have tested Crespo in Buenos Aires.

In the last hours, Alianza Lima, Universitario and CiencianoThey issued a statement to express their annoyance at the performance of the negotiating team and, in addition, expressed their concern about the course of Peruvian soccer.

They are the same clubs that almost a month ago demanded accountability from the Peruvian Football Federation regarding the list of travelers to the playoff against Australia in Doha.

It is surprising, once again, that they are the same institutions and that there was not the proper quorum.

A fact has been leaked to the press that should also be clarified: during the same days that Peruvian directors were supposedly making strenuous efforts to convince the 'Tigre', one of them would have made contact with one of the agents of Hernán Crespo, today the coach of Al-Duhail in the Qatari League.

If it is reconfirmed, what is presumed would be much clearer, and a few could be spared the hypocrisy.

A matter of profiles

There is a list of coaches that has clearly stood out in recent days: almost all Argentines and one Peruvian. Most have lived with the precariousness and contradictions of Peruvian football.

The heavyweight on the list is Jorge Sampaoli, the irate Sampaoli who has not managed a national team since his bitter experience with Albiceleste in Russia 2018.

He is followed by < b>Sebastián Becaccece, Sampaoli's right-hand man and almost a disciple of his. Both are supporters of Bielsismo. They proudly profess it.

Intensity is what they ask for in all the lines. Players who don't stop pressuring the rival until they suffocate. They open the field at the ends. They are poisonous from there.

Those responsible for the irreversible &ldquo

Becaccece joined Jorge Sampaoli's technical team when he led Sporting Cristal in 2007./

Football-wise, do they resemble Ricardo Gareca ? The “no” is resounding. With his pragmatism, the 'Tiger' knew how to extract gold. But let's remember that its anchor footballer, the one we lacked against Australia, is Yotún, a midfielder with a refined technique but a trot and, therefore, very far from the standards of Sampaoli and Beccacece.

There's one thing: none of them have nearly the composure of Gareca. Moreover, it could be said that they have self-control problems.

He who heads the list is Hernán Crespo, the remembered scorer of Argentine teams that, as we have described, would have already had rapprochements with the FPF.

He has been a coach for less than a decade, but he has managed to win the Copa Sudamericana with one of the less powerful clubs in Río de la Plata, such as Defensa y Justicia, and he won a Paulistao with Sao Paulo.

He is helped by his youth and character. He's not troublesome like the other two, though that doesn't mean he's going to let his poncho get stepped on. Cheap should not be. For something he directs in the Middle East.

Those responsible for Ricardo Gareca's irreversible

Juan Reynoso and one of his visits to La Videna to talk with Gareca. (Photo: GEC Archivo)/

And finally, there is Juan Reynoso, multiple champion in Peruvian soccer, and winner of a historic title in the Mexican League with Cruz Azul. Those who know him say that he would hardly accept being Gareca's replacement due to the interference of Lozano and his leadership. He would stay alone if Juan Carlos Oblitas continues as sports director.

That is another of the unknowns to be resolved: after everything that has happened, will Oblitas have any motivation left to 'get wet' for one more qualifying period? The answer will be known soon.

For now, Ricardo Gareca is expected to arrive tomorrow along with Néstor Bonillo and Sergio Santín. Tuesday will be the dismissal at noon. The outcome could not be different for both parties.

Also…Aspects that the new technician should meet

a) Group management:

Endorse in public and correct in private. This is how the 'Tiger' was handled during these seven years, and boy did it work. A committed group that does not feel exposed by its technician, and where egos are pushed aside is the formula.

b) Pragmatic vision:

Do a lot with little. It seems simple, but it is not. Whoever comes will have to make do without players in the top leagues, and a local talent that usually matures late. Backlash should not be a dirty word.

c) Influence on minors:

The young promises of 24 years should be banished from our vocabulary. The next coach will have to get involved in the planning and refounding of a system without a north that dilutes talent.

d) Knowledge of Peruvian soccer:

Assuming the national team without knowing the idiosyncrasies of the Peruvian player is a fatal mistake. There are plenty of examples of technicians with a poster who did not meet expectations because the cultural factor was not well mapped.