This will be the exodus and return plan for this festive bridge in Bogotá

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The Ministry of Mobility foresees the departure of 285,771 vehicles while some 237,190 cars are expected to enter the Colombian capital, some 14,642 less than the same festive bridge of 2021

This is how the exodus and return plan will be for this festive weekend in Bogotá

On Monday, November 7, the peak and regional license plate for the entry of vehicles into Bogotá will be activated again. Photo: Bogota City Hall.

November also brings two bank holidays, one after the other, so many Colombians are taking advantage of the situation to leave Bogotá and escape, for a few days, from the rains that have hit the Colombian capital for a few weeks. This is why the Ministry of Mobility ordered, from Friday the 4th to Monday the 7th of November, a special operation in all corridors entering and leaving the city.

According to district projections, 285,771 vehicles are expected to leave, approximately the same number as the previous year, while 237,190 cars are expected to enter the Colombian capital, which would represent 14,642 more than on the same bridge in 2021.

It has also been arranged that the city's entrances and exits be monitored from the Traffic Management Center, as well as the measurement of average speeds and vehicle volumes. The Ministry of Mobility invites citizens to consult the Twitter accounts @BogotaTransito and @SectorMovilidad to learn more about the state of the capital's main roads.

The Ministry warns that a group of more than has been arranged200 people from the entity, in addition to 150 Civilian Traffic Agents and 1,000 uniformed personnel from the Bogota Traffic and Transportation Sectional, who will carry out accident control and prevention tasks in addition to helping to speed up traffic in the main entry and exit corridors of the capital.

Operation of land terminals

This is how the exodus and return plan will be for this festive weekend in Bogotá

From the Bogotá Transportation Terminal, it is expected that some 170,000 people will be mobilized in about 16,000 vehicles from 90 companies. Photo: Bogotá Transport Terminal, Twitter.

According to the Bogota Transport Terminal,Special logistics have been arranged to mobilize 170,000 passengers during the festive bridge of the Faithful Departed. Among the terminal's projections is that travelers travel in 16,000 vehicles, mainly to Bucaramanga, Cali, Fusagasugá, Girardot, Ibagué, Medellín, Neiva, Sogamoso and Villavicencio.

These figures represent a 20% decrease in passengers and 5% in vehicles compared to the same period in 2019, to which Ana María Zambrano Duque, manager of the Bogotá Transport Terminal, referred.

“We continue to advance in the reactivation of intermunicipal passenger transport; In this sense, we have arranged a complete logistics plan to provide a comfortable and safe trip to the more than 170,000 passengers who will be mobilized from our 3 terminals during this festive bridge.”

The logistics plan includes exclusive lines for travelers with a ticket who schedule their trip in advance, information on the operation through monitors and QR codes, as well as a team of more than 250 people including the National Police, private security, health personnel and of support, who will ensure the provision of a quality service and the proper functioning of the operation.

It is expected that the day of greatest mobilization will be Saturday, November 5, in the that the departure of 60,000 passengers is projected.

Peak and regional plate returns

This is how the exodus and return plan will be for this festive weekend in Bogotá

The restriction measure for the entry of vehicles to Bogotá returns next holiday Monday, November 7. Photo via:

It is worth remembering that, like all festive long weekends, there will be restrictions on the entry of vehicles into the Colombian capital next holiday Monday, November 7

Between 12 noon and 4:00 p.m. . m., the entry will be enabled for vehicles with even license plates and from 4:00 p.m. m. until 8:00 p.m. m. for those ending in an odd number.

The nine entrance corridors to Bogotá where the regional peak and plate will operate

♦ North Highway: from the Andes toll to the north portal of the TransMilenio system, in a north-south direction

♦ South Highway: from the municipal boundary of Soacha to Boyacá Avenue, in a south-north direction.

♦ Centenario Avenue (13th Street): from the Bogotá River to the city of Cali (86 Carrera Avenue), from the west to the east

♦ Calle 80: from the guadua bridge to portal 80 of the Transmilenio system, from the west to the east

♦ Carrera 7: from Calle 245 to Calle 183, from north to south

♦ Avenida Boyacá – Via al Llano: from the Argelino tunnel Durán Quintero to the old road to the Llano, from south to north

♦ Vía Suba – Cota: from the Bogotá river to 170th street avenue, from north to south

♦ Vía La Calera: from the Patios toll to Carrera 7 avenue, in an east-west direction

♦ Vía a Choachí: from the Vía a Monserrate to the ring road, in the east direction te – west