This was the first day of work of the “super plane” to control forest fires in Chile

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The “Ten tanker” dumped tons of water on some of the most voracious floodlights in the south of the country

This was the first day of work of the “super plane” to control forest fires in Chile


Cristián Torresfrom Santiago, ChileThe US aircraft ''Ten Tanker'' made its first discharge in the communes of Santa Juana and Nacimiento.

The American aircraft “Ten Tanker” that arrived in Chilean territory last Sunday, took off from the Carriel Sur Airport, in Talcahuano (434 kilometers south of the capital Santiago), and launched its first charge in the communes of Santa Juana and Nacimiento, in the Biobío Region, one of the most affected by the forest fires of recent days. The plane, meanwhile, has a capacity to store 36,000 liters of water, with three tanks that are filled independently.

However, there was a delay in the first download due to visibility problems, one of the fundamental conditions to be able to operate the gigantic aircraft. Finally, the authorities authorized its takeoff and around 6:00 p.m. (Chilean time) on Monday, “Ten Tanker” made its first discharge in the aforementioned communes. In Chile, it was called the ''flight of hope''.

The plane, in turn, is operated by a US crew with extensive experience in combat of forest fires, and will be assisted in recharging water as soon as possible by Conaf (Chilean National Forestry Corporation) personnel.

Forest fires in Chile

This was the first day of work of the “super plane” to control forest fires in Chile

El &#x27 ;'Ten Tanker'' it can store a maximum capacity of 36,000 liters of water.

Despite fewer hectares burned, the forest fires affecting the central-southern zone of Chile have claimed the lives of 26 people in less than a week of emergency, according to the Chilean authorities in its latest balance sheet.

It may interest you There were 22 deaths from forest fires in Chile

It should be noted that, in 2017, when accidents of similar characteristics took place between the regions of Coquimbo and Los Lagos, with greater intensity in the regions of O'Higgins, Maule and Biobío, only 10 deaths were recorded.< /b>

This was the first day of work of the “super plane” to control forest fires in Chile

Forest fires in Chile have already claimed the lives of 26 people.

So far, of the 26 fatalities, 18 were in the Biobío region, seven in La Araucanía and one in Ñuble. Among them is an official from the Coronel Fire Department, identified as Yesenia Muñoz, who b>She combined her work as a volunteer in the Fire Department with her studies as a Nursing Technician at the Santo Tomás University in Concepción and was ready to finish, in fact, on Monday, February 6 she was due to start her last work experience.

In this sense, almost half of the deaths are from Santa Juana, a town near the city of Concepción and which has a population of 13 thousand inhabitants. Moreover, due to the complexity of the situation in said commune, the Legal Medical Service allocated an exclusive mobile for this sector.

For For her part, the mayoress of Santa Juana, Ana Albornoz, made a call to set eyes on the rural town. “ Santa Juana has to be a national priority , because here there are more dead and missing people, that's why it should be a priority for everyone,” he declared. Similarly, almost 30% of the patients who arrive at health centers in the Biobío region are a product of the emergency and it is predicted that the number of deaths could continue to increase in the next few days.

On the other hand, the Chilean government summoned the presidents of the opposition and pro-government parties this Tuesday morning to address the forest fires that affect the mentioned regions of the central-south zone of Chile.

In accordance with the media outlet La Tercera, the meeting It will take place in the La Moneda palace and will be led by the Ministers of the Interior, Carolina Tohá, and of the General Secretariat of Government (Segegob), Camila Vallejo.

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