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This video game banned for sale resurfaces for more than 200 euros

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jul2,2024

Aforbidden video game the sale… sold for more than 200 euros: it seems unreal, but that is nevertheless what happened. quite recently. But then why was the game in question released? censored in this way?

This video game banned for sale resurfaces for more than 200 euros< /p>

a game forbidden the sale… but sold for 250 dollars

Video games, there is something for everyone. Sports games, fighting games, RPG, FPS, infiltration, open worlds, management games, strategy games, platform games, etc. In the independent sphere, there are also stranger games, which can be found in particular in the depths of Steam. These sometimes feature nudity, or even pornography.Obviously, these titles are aimed at viewers. an informed public. But the game we are going to talk about here is more problematic, to the point that it was prohibited the sale. It'sThe Guy GameAnd yet, this one has recently found itself in the spotlight. on sale at an exorbitant price (250 dollars, or 233 euros), on a stand at the TooManyGames video game convention.

Apparently this tweet made con security aware and they're looking for the booth to shut it down lol , Godspeed

June 29, 2024

Quickly, security is now available. was alerted to the presence of the gameThe Guy Gameand started to searching for the stand that was selling it in order to have it closed. But why such a strong reaction? Becausefor 20 years, Topheavy Studios software could be associated with à of child pornography.We explain why.

the guy game, a video game for adults that poses a problem

The Guy Game is a video game for adults released in 2004 on PC, Xbox and PS2, and inspired by from the Girls Gone Wild erotic video franchise. The principle of the game is simple: players must answer correctly to a question. as many questions as possible to do better than their opponents. The specificity here is that each correct answer triggers a video with women in bikinis in a heavenly setting, and increasingly undressed.&nbsp ;We are talking about women in the flesh, and not virtual avatars. And there it is that this poses a problem: one of the actresses declared, after the release of the game in 2004, that she was underage when her scenes were performed. tours. She then explained that she didn't know what would be the use of the videos in which she had appeared.

The actress remained anonymous, but she wore complaint and an investigation was carried out. open. Finally, he was decided thatThe Guy Gamewould be banned the sale.The development studio tried well to achieve this. to claim that the actress had lied about her age before filming, but that was not enough. To give you an idea of ​​the “rewards” offered to players after each correct answer in the game, here is an excerpt, the end of which was censored.

< p>According to Torren Moreno, the Internet user who revealed When an Xbox version ofThe Guy Gamewas for sale at a booth at the convention, the seller claimed to take advantage of the scandal and the fact that the game is officially banned sale to get rid of it later. gold prize (via Kotaku). For ethics, we will come back. But it obviously worked, since When security arrived, the game was no longer there.“It remains to be seen whether anyone bought it or [if the seller] “I took it down after seeing the tweet go viral”said Moreno atKotaku. We will probably never have the answer to this question. this question.

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