This Thursday the issue between lawyers was very hot. 

This Thursday the issue between lawyers was very hot. 

The case Byron Castillo had a new assault this Thursday in Zurich (Switzerland) with the appeal hearing, where Chile will insist in the accusation against the player of the Ecuadorian national team, in search of a sanction that would allow him to keep Ecuador's quota in the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

The FIFA Appeals Commissionwill review in second instance the ruling issued in June by the Disciplinary Commission, which rejected Chile's complaint for alleged improper alignment of Ecuador in the World Cup qualifiers due to an alleged use of false documents by Castillo to be registered as Ecuadorian .

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Hard 'fight'

Peru intervened in the audience after having been eliminated from the World Cup in the playoffs, according to Peruvian and Chilean media reports, while the Peruvian Federation of Fútbol (FPF) affirmed to Efe that “it maintains absolute confidentiality of its activities in this case.”

The player was summoned to participate in the hearing, but his lawyer, Andrés Holguín, He already anticipated that “he will not lend himself to that 'show'”.

The Chilean accusation maintains that the player was born in Tumaco (Colombia) on June 25, 1995 with the name of Byron Javier Castillo Segura, according to a birth certificate with that information, instead of Byron David Castillo Segura, born on November 10, 1998, as he appears in the civil registry of Ecuador.

The last thing that has been known is the strong altercation between the two groups of lawyers in full audience.

It is known that the subject was discussed for three hours, the player was not there and that the lawyers entered into an arduous discussion.

More tests

Chile presented through the lawyer, Eduardo Carlezzo, new evidence, one of them the audio of the player published by the English Daily Mail, in which Byron says he is Colombian.

It is insisted that the statement was forged, that the soccer player is Colombian”.

It was in this context that the trans-Andean journalist also revealed that during the hearing there was a fight between the lawyers representing the national federation and the Peruvian federation.

César Luis Merlo, a well-known journalist , pointed out that there was a “fight between the lawyers”, who represented each party.

This Thursday the subject between lawyers was very hot. 

“And what happened to Peru? Peru did not have such an active role in the hearing, but something very particular happened. Between the Peruvian and Chilean lawyers they began to discuss who would be entitled to go to the World Cup if Ecuador is disaffiliated”, he specified. respect.

Similarly, the communicator warned that the final issue could come out in a month.

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