This Saturday in Bucaramanga the title of the Copa América is defined.

This Saturday in Bucaramanga the title of the Copa América is defined.

There are parties that lend themselves to seek glory, parties that invoke the feat to reach it, parties that seem more parties, like this one today, not only because it is the final of the Copa América that the Colombian National Team will try to win in Bucaramanga, but because it is against that terrible rival, the one that overwhelms so much, the one that rules so much and seems invincible: it is Brazil with all its artillery, and it is Colombia with all its faith and all its struggle.

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The Colombian Women's National Team lives its most tense hours of the tournament, those that precede the toughest battle. It is about challenging the team that attacks, that bends and humiliates, the one that dominates and thrashes without mercy. But the match must be played. Brazil will have to go out and face a courageous, brave team that has shown its fierceness in each game, that has humility, but it is a humility enhanced by talent.

For victory and glory

These players, Catalina, Daniela, Linda, Leicy, Mayra and all the others have captivated the country with a game that excites and that allows us to think about the real possibility of knocking down the giant, of cruelly tripping him, tripping him up, making him fall into the court, that he does not get up, that he finds out that Colombia does not feel inferior. If ever we have to beat Brazil, let it be this Saturday.

This Saturday in Bucaramanga the title of the Copa América is defined.

And why not? Why can't Colombia make the feat a reality? Why lose before the attempt? No, this Colombia does not lose so easily. This Colombia does not kneel. She is a motivated, happy, powerful Colombia. They know it, they announce it: “The group is in excellent condition, absolutely all of them, and we trust in what we have, we trust that we can beat Brazil and leave the title at home,” he said, as if launching a battle phrase , Catalina Usme, the experienced one, the call to push this team today, to keep it with its head held high every second.

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This match is one of those that does not authorize lethal blinking. If someone looks at the stands, they may react with the ball in the net. If someone is distracted, they pay dearly. That means facing Brazil, Debinha, Zaneratto, Adriana, Ary and so many others who have taught soccer. Brazil thrashed Argentina, Uruguay, Venezuela and Peru, in an impressive first phase. Then they left Paraguay on the road, but it was only 2-0, and that suggests that although they won again, it was for less, they already met more resistance. In any case, Brazil advanced to the final undefeated, with one hundred percent performance, like Colombia, only the Brazilians don't know what it's like to concede a goal.

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The mentality we have today has changed a lot, I think it's a much more professional team, which has prepared for this Copa América, to win the title at home

That is an unknown subject for them. Colombia's task will be to break that trend, that Leicy with her power or Linda with her dribbling or Catalina with her shot make it a reality. For them, there could be a tactical variant, line 5 in defense, it is what is presumed, it would be an adjustment to resist, although what they want is to go out and win, with caution. “The mentality we have today has changed a lot, I think it is a much more professional team, which has prepared for this Copa América, to win the title at home”, added Catalina Usme.

Colombia has already done a great part of the task, or all the task for the less demanding: qualified for the 2023 World Cup and the 2024 Paris Olympics. It was the Colombia mission, but these players do not know about conformism, they believe so much in their abilities and in their talent that they will give the fight, and they have by their side that group union that has led them to dance on the court with their own rhythm, like cumbia, because nobody here thinks of samba.

“Obviously they are the favorites to win the Copa América, but soccer has these opportunities and God is giving them to us. We want to continue making history”, said Daniela Montoya, the captain, which is what captains are for, to convey confidence.

Colombia will have in against the powerful Brazil, and Brazil will face those eleven brave players willing to leave everything for glory. Colombia has its final date with the feat.


Colombia vs. Brazil
Time: 7 p.m. m.
TV: DirecTV Sports, regional channels, Win +

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