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This new ultra-ambitious dark fantasy series will appeal to vampire fans

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun27,2024

AfterThe Witcher, orAttack on Titan, a brand new dark fantasy series will see the day. A project that will appeal to fans of a gothic atmosphere.

This new, ultra-ambitious dark fantasy series will appeal to vampire fans

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There is no doubt that the release of Game of Thrones in 2011 re-popularized the fantasy genre, and made everyone understand that it could be exported to a serial format. From the ashes of the HBO series a whole bunch of projects were born. The encrypted channel, eager to ride on its success, created House of the Dragon in 2022, when Prime Video wanted to compete with its series (the most expensive in the world),  The Rings of Power.

But the genre is broad, and the borders are porous. Dark fantasy, a much darker and more pessimistic genre whose most faithful representatives are H.P. Lovecraft and hisCthulhu Myth,or Neil Gaiman, remains very popular today. readers, then viewers. The adaptation of Andrzej Sapkowski's books The Witcher into a Netflix series is proof of this (although the series never managed to meet expectations). Let's also mention Attack on Titan, one of the best animated adaptations that exists today. this day.

This new ultra-ambitious dark fantasy series will appeal to vampire fans

A famous vampire hunter returns, 20 years later

The Dark Fantasy series have never been released. as numerous as today.And a new representative will soon emerge. A project on Van Helsing,the famous vampire hunter. À Originally, Van Helsing is a character from the novel Draculaby Bram Stocker. In the book, he is a doctor and the steadfast man of faith who is tasked with carrying out his mission. to destroy the count. In 2004, director Stephen Sommers decided to popularize the character with a solo film based on the character. by Hugh Jackman. The objective is more or less the same: go to Transylvania to eliminate Count Dracula, this time at home. the origin of a disaster project.

Despite With a big budget of $160 million (the biggest of the year for Universal), the film manages to achieve its goals. exceed 300 million dollars in box office revenue. Side Critically, the film borrows a gothic atmosphere that will please purists, but does too much, and suffers from digital effects that are too daring for the time. 

This new ultra-ambitious dark fantasy series will appeal to vampire fans

Twenty years later, the character is well on his way to returning to our screens, but as a series this time.Deadline reports that Jonathan Lee, the author of the next drama series from the Lockerbie is in ; He wrote the eponymous series, planned for the BBC, and certainly broadcast in the UK. on Paramount. The series is a contemporary take on the monster hunter,Dr. Abraham Van Helsing, who uses his uniquely curious mind alongside his ex, implacable FBI special agent Mina Harker, to solve New York City's most difficult cases, reveals the first synopsis.

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