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This new character for season 4 of The Boys was difficult to write, according to Kripke.

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun23,2024

A little earlier in the week, we shared with you This statement from Eric Kripke, the creator of the series The Boys, who was keen to praised the performance of the interpreter of Homelander in the latest episode, believing that the actor deserved this prestigious award. But a few days before that, the showrunner of the Prime Video series had also returned to another character, which fans were able to discover in season 4, revealing that he had ;summer particularly difficult to handle. write for a simple and good reason.

This new character in season 4 of The Boys was difficult to write according to Kripke


A more difficult Super to achieve. write than others?

After a wait that lasted two long years, fans can finally discover the rest of The Boys with season 4. Launched on June 13, 2024 on Prime Video, the season marks the return of certain cult characters, such as Billy Butcher and the famous Boys, but also the Seven (or rather what remains of them), led ;s by a Homelander (or the Protector in VF) even more terrifying and unstable in this fourth season, although he enjoyed his life. fans on Reddit lately.

But the new season ofThe Boyshas also seen the arrival of new faces, particularly among the Seven, since two new superheroes have joined the Vought International team. These are Firecraker and Sister Sage, played respectively by Valorie Curry and Susan Heyward. While the first is a sort of parody of the American Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene, known among other things for having brought about his support for QAnon conspiracists, the second is none other than the smartest person in the world in the universe of the series.

This new character from season 4 of The Boys was difficult to write according to Kripke

And it This is precisely the characteristic that made it difficult to write the character. In any case, this is what was recently revealed by Eric Kripke, the creator of the Prime Video series, during his interview with Variety. Interviewed on how he created these two new characters, Kripke then replied this:

[Sister] Sage was born from a conversation regarding one of Homelander's weaknesses, know that he is generally surrounded by idiots. If we gave him someone truly brilliant, it would make him much more formidable. It turns out that he is a very difficult character to play. Write!

It's really very difficult to write the smartest person in the world! Because you have to write things that the smartest person in the world would think of, and we're not the smartest people in the world, so it's really difficult. And then Sage became a very interesting character, because someone had the idea to “make her an African-American that no one listens to”. And there it is who has the ability to to save all humanity and everyone thinks she's invisible, which seemed like something to me. be a very interesting social commentary on this character. And then Susan brings it to life, and she's so smart.

This new character from season 4 of The Boys was difficult to write according to Kripke

Indeed, in just four episodes, Sister Sage proved that she could be a strong ally for Homelander, providing him with valuable help in a very short time. It is in particular she who will find a way to thwart Starlight's (or Stella's) plans, thus overturning public opinion about the latter. However, this extraordinary intelligence also seems to come at a cost.

Because in episode 4, the character revealed his that his brain was capable of regenerating itself. This is why she performs temporary lobotomies to “relax”, to the great pleasure of The Deep (or the Fishman). This then gave; place at this scene which shocked some more than one in the latest episode, àgrave; so much so that it is for many one of the worst scenes ever seen in the Prime Video series until then. today.

This new character in season 4 of The Boys was difficult to write according to Kripke

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