This new Belkin car holder is made especially for the iPhone 12

This new Belkin car holder is made especially for the iPhone 12

Computer hardware maker Belkin introduces its newest PRO car phone holder, specially designed for iPhone 12s and their wireless charging technology via a MagSafe magnet.

If the decision to replace the classic recharging method with magnetic MagSafe technology has not been unanimous among enthusiasts of apple products, it has at least made it possible to bring new magnetic products to the market.

There are now different accessories for sale on the Apple site, different wireless chargers, cases and wallets, and more recently, the Belkin car phone holder.

Belkin’s new PRO car holder is specially designed for iPhone 12s MagSafe technology.

Simply put down your phone and hit the road

If the Belkin PRO car holder is attached with a rubber clip to the air vent of our vehicle, its real special feature is its compatibility with the MagSafe of the latest iPhones.

Basically, that means that we no longer need to put any effort to make your iPhone stand on the support because it sticks directly on it thanks to the system of magnets.

Belkin touts the strength of its car mount mount with good reason. Whether the phone is in portrait or landscape mode, facing the driver or passenger or even tilted, it doesn’t move!

On the other hand, given the condition of some of our Quebec roads, the installation tends to vibrate a little depending on the type of asphalt or if you accidentally drive in a pothole.

Special attention has been paid to the design of the support so that we can pass our charging wire around it so that it is always within reach and that there is no shortage of battery during our trip.

Belkin’s PRO car holder is purchased exclusively from Apple, in-store or online, for around $ 50.

It’s a bit more expensive than other generic media that you might find on the internet, although this one, in addition to being specially designed for the most recent generation of iPhone, is particularly resistant.

Learn more and buy the Belkin PRO Car Holder

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