This is the first Android smart monitor with smart TV function and Google experience

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This is the first Android smart monitor with smart TV function and Google experience

The SPC technology company, which focuses its activity on the development of consumer electronics products, has just announced the availability in our market of the Smart Monitor, the first Android smart monitor (based on Android 11), which incorporates It brings the capabilities of the operating system most used by users and transfers the smartphone or tablet experience to a monitor. With this launch, it launches a new product category within its catalog of electronic devices.

The monitor is on. It is now available with a 24″ screen and Full HD resolution, in widescreen format (16:9), which makes it a suitable option for work or leisure, thanks to the 2-in-1 concept that adds A single device will have the advantages of a PC monitor and a smart TV experience.In this scenario, it is enough to connect it to the PC or laptop for work and, when the time comes, switch to smart TV mode, and even activate the game console.It supports YouTube and content from the most popular streaming platforms.

Outstanding advantages

The new SPC device allows you to have the advantages at your fingertips and the user comfort that you already have on your other Google devices.This integration into the Android ecosystem and associated services is due to full compatibility with features such as Google Assistant and smart home devices.

The advantages of using an Android TV are the same as those of a smartphone: easy access to streaming content, applications and games, and also the option to transmit content from a mobile or tablet to the big screen. . Android TV, as it is well known, offers advanced features on demand, the possibility of video conferencing (with the installation of a webcam) and even access to Android games. Apps can be installed from the Google Play store, opening the door to tons of options, games, and more just like you would on your smartphone or tablet.


The equipment incorporates Google Cast technology to share the multimedia content of the smartphone or tablet and enjoy the apps and content on the big screen, with full compatibility with any mobile operating system. It is the user who decides for what use. You are using this versatile device, something you can choose from through its double HDMI 1.4 port and two USB 2.0 ports, which provide versatility by being able to connect the work device (such as a PC or laptop) and, for example, the game console in the same monitor.

It should be noted that it also comes with a built-in WiFi 5 (a/b/g/n/ac) and Bluetooth 5.1 connection, so it supports synchronization with up to five devices, such as smart or mobile speakers, as well as wireless speakers. as 3.5 mm Jack audio input for wired headphones.

User experience

This is a smart monitor that supports direct installation of apps available on Google Play. In this way, it is not necessary a computer or a mobile: it will suffice Connect the monitor to the electrical current, configure the WiFi connection and install the applications that interest you. In this scenario, it is possible to have the applications that are already pre-installed from Google Play, Netflix, YouTube and Prime Video directly on the monitor, or enjoy some such as Twitch and Spotify, among others. It is also compatible with content from the Play Store and other streaming game platforms, which is important for gaming fans.

It incorporates a remote control with direct access to the pre-installed apps, as well as As well as with the integrated Google voice assistant so that orders can be carried out with which to manage work and entertainment without touching any button.

Team capabilities

SPC Smart Monitor integrates different configurations so that each user can adjust its characteristics to the use that it is going to give it. Thus, if it is a question of working with it, it has a blue light reduction function, which will prevent blue light. eyestrain, even if used for hours. If, on the contrary, it is about studying, it has an anti-fingerprint treatment to prevent fingers from being marked when touching the screen. It has a thin metal base and the option of using a wall arm, to use it comfortably.

Its versatility even allows it to function as a remote work terminal with the installation of an application for remote management of the work PC. In addition, it can also function as support for family or professional video calls, if a webcam is connected to it. In addition to being an anti-reflective screen, it has an audio input, remote control and has a viewing angle of 178 degrees. It incorporates two 5W speakers each, offering optimal sound quality.

Versatile design

It provides an ultra-thin design with hyper-reduced frames to view images. ;genes from edge to edge, taking advantage of the dimensions of the screen.

It provides two installation options. It can be used as a desktop monitor attached to its base, while also having the option of attaching an articulating VESA wall mount to save desk space. It has a tilt angle of -5º at 15º to customize the perspective according to needs.

Price and availability

The SPC Smart Monitor can already be purchased in our market in 24″ at a price of 179.90 euros.< /p>

On the occasion of the presentation, it offers a special promotion with a discount of 10 euros on the final price, for which its launch retail price is €169.90, and includes free SPC Heron Studio headphones, up to on March 23.

Main features

Measurements – 537.85×315.6×46.33mm

Resolution – 1920×1080

Aspect ratio – 16:09

Panel – GOES. Anti-glare screen and blue light reducing filter

Brightness (Normal) – 250cd/m² (Typ.)

Response time – 16ms Typ

Angle of View (H/V) – 178°(H) /178°(V)

Soda – 60Hz

USB – 2x USB 2.0

HDMI – 2x HDMI 1.4

Wi – Integrated Fi – Wi-Fi 5 (a/b/g/n/ac)

Bluetooth – 5.1

Ultra-slim, elegant and modern design

Prepared for wall mounting

Price: 169.90 (promotional) and 179.90 euros final.< /p>