“This is only a plus”: Alan Badoev told why he hasn’t switched to Ukrainian yet

“This is only a plus”: Alan Badoev told why he hasn’t switched to Ukrainian yet

Ukrainian clip maker Alan Badoev, after the start of the war, leads social networks in Ukrainian, but continues to speak Russian. Read on to find out what the meaning of the inconsistency is.

The famous Ukrainian director Alan Badoev, in an interview with Masha Efrosinina, admitted that he is working on learning the Ukrainian language and considers the situation fundamentally wrong when Ukrainians do not even try to master it and teach their children.

Badoev is from North Ossetia, but spent most of his life in Ukraine. The star has not deleted the Russian language from his life, because he believes that broadcasting in Russian is now necessary so that more people can hear it.

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«We have a smart and sensual people, everyone will understand and everyone's contribution will be clear. Today I also speak Russian, because I understand that more people will understand us this way. I switched to Ukrainian on my Instagram because I want my Instagram to speak from Ukraine. It's important for me. But here you are working on certain goals, many people should hear and understand you. And the fact that you can speak many languages ​​is only your plus».

At the same time, Badoev is convinced that «in the future we will all switch to our native language».

«Because she is very beautiful. I know a little Ossetian, so why can't I know Ukrainian? I know Russian, but now I study English a lot. The war forced us to move the convolutions very much, and I am sure that what distinguishes us from the people of Russia is that everyone understands ours,” says Alan.

According to him, lately he has looked at a lot of expressions about the Ukrainian language and one of the phrases extremely «hooked»:

«You must understand that the Ukrainian language is our border& #187;. And I took it to heart. Yes, I understood that it is irresponsible if your children do not learn this language and Ukrainian literature; irresponsible if you don't know him. We have read so many Russian books, but are there so many Ukrainian ones? I believe that each of us should learn our language and discover it for ourselves. It's an incredible world, an ocean of beauty!».