This is how you can make a family tree in Excel

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Microsoft Office spreadsheets can organize information about users' families.

This is how you can make a family tree in Excel

Microsoft Office spreadsheets can organize information about users' families. (photo: hiTechMV)

The Microsoft Excel program has within its functions the ability to offer different data organization templates that can benefit users in their work, to organize their personal accounts, establish an agenda, generate graphs from data, among other utilities.

However, the spreadsheet also offers a peculiar selection within the varied list of templates: organizing a family tree of users. In this way, people will be able to learn more about their family's history, discover distant relatives and the ties that unite them.

Within the Office people can find up to three tree templates that have different features and functions that users can access with just a click.

So-you can How to make a family tree in Excel

How to make a family tree in Excel (Screenshot)

How to make a family tree

Before you can enter dataof close relatives and delve more into the ancestors of fathers, mothers and grandparents, users must generate the template that best suits what they want. For this, the following steps must be carried out:

– Open the Microsoft Excel program.

– In the initial menu, click on the New option.

– Write Family tree in the search bar of templates online. After a few seconds, the options for that activity will appear.

– Click on one of the templates. Currently only three can be found on the system, but more may be added in the future.

– Once a popup window appears indicating some of the specifications Of the template. You can click the Create button or navigate between the options with the left or right arrow keys.

Detailed family tree

Is the template most complete of the three that Excel has to select from after searching online. Not only does it offer the organization of users' ancestors, but it also offers a tab specifically dedicated to each level of relationship between people.

So-you can make a family tree in Excel< /p>Family tree model in Excel (Screenshot)

Within the details, you can include full names, year of birth, age they have, the relationship they have, the date and place of their death. In addition, users have the option to enter the photos of each person even if they do not appear in the tab where the updated tree is displayed.

The tree is generated automatically after completing the data in each of the files specific to the members. Special buttons are located in each work area that facilitate user navigation between each of the tabs.

Family photo tree

This second model is more appropriate for school projects for children and young people because, unlike the previous template, it only has one work area and the information is presented in a simple.

So-you can make a family tree in Excel

Family tree model in Excel (Screenshot)

Each member of the tree has a predetermined space to place a photograph< /b>, plus a name and year of birth. At this time, a possible date of death is not detailed.

There are many limitations in this template in order to keep the registration system simple: you cannot add family members past the third generation and the number maximum number of children that can be had per record is two due to limited space.

Family Tree Builder

Although your looks simple, the way it works is more complex than the previous example. In this template, users will need to fill in a series of boxes (again with the third generation as the limit) in which spouses can be entered for each son or daughter.

So-you can make a family tree Family Tree in Excel

Family Tree Model in Excel (Screenshot)

This function not only allows you to identify the main lineof the family, but also enables users to register more than two children per couple if applicable.

Once the table is completed, click on the Generate Family Tree found in the upper right corner of the table. The result will be registered in the Family Tree tab and, if modifications are needed, they can be made from the original boxes.

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