This is how the shared photo library of iOS 16.1 works

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It is a new function of the operating system that allows images to be shared between friends and family in the iCloud

This is how iOS 16.1 Shared Photo Library works

iOS 16 brings a tool that will allow people to create groups to share photos in the cloud.

iPhone, iPad and Mac usersYou have in your hands a new function thanks to the update of the operating system, it is the photo library, with which you can share memories with friends and family by being able to save images and videos in the cloud.

This shared space will be available in iOS 16.1, iPadOS 16.1 and macOS Ventura through the iCloud service , giving the option to add up to five more accounts, although you can only belong to one group at a time.

All about the photo library

This tool is designed for the ecosystem of Apple devices, with the aim of maintaining a shared gallery, which will serve to save memories and free up storage space on the device.

Here you can not only save photos and videos, but there will also be the option to edit and then regenerate the new file or delete it.

This is how shared-photo-library works of iOS 16.1

iOS 16 brings a tool that will allow people to create groups to share photos in the cloud.

To activate this function, a previous process must be carried out by going to Photos in iCloud, since from there the phone files will be synchronized in the Apple cloud. This can be checked in Settings> iCloud> Photos, there will be the option to activate synchronization and that's it. This is a process that can be done on iPhone, iPad or Mac.

When creating the photo library, the administration role of it will be taken. This can be done by going to Settings> iCloud> Photos and find the Shared Photo Library function, follow the instructions that appear on the phone and it will be created.

Then the members will have to be added, which can be four more. These will surely be in the contact list so it will be easier, thanks to their account on the Apple device they use.

The invitation will be made through the app. Messages with a link and before doing so a preview will appear to verify the content to which access is being given, that way there are no risks.

The person who receives the invitation will have to enter the link and click on the Start button. This user will also have permissions to upload and edit content, so that the rest can see the result.

You have to take into account that the content that is uploaded to the cloud will occupy part of the space that each user has in their iCloud, so it is something that should be carefully reviewed in case there is a need to expand it.

To add the content you can do manually or also activate an automatic save, with options to share when members are nearby or when they are in the house.

This is how shared-photo-library works of iOS 16.1

iOS 16 brings a tool that will allow people to create groups to share photos in the cloud.

Using the photo library

The display of the photo library is in the same Photos application of the device, so the personal and the shared will appear in that place, so the user will have to alternate between the two to choose what content to see, although the option of view both at the same time.

As far as photo editing is concerned, the process is the same as with personal content, because it is in the same application and uses the same interface, with the same tools and options, only that the result will be seen by the rest of the members.

In the content you can also leave comments, make adjustments to the information of the image or video and delete what you want, so the others will have 30 days to recover the content that will be found in the trash.

If you are the administrator, you will have the power to remove members and add more, will be the only person who can do it. Although a member can opt out at any time, this must be done by going to Settings > Photos > Shared Photo Library and click on the Exit Shared Photo Library option.

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