This is how one of the drug lords of Valle del Cauca was murdered

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The victim was known as alias 'El Guajiro', who would have spread a criminal network over the municipality of Yumbo several years ago

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This is how one of the drug-trafficking lords of Valle del Cauca was murdered

Alias ​​'El Guajiro' He was shot to death in Yumbo, Valle. Photo: Attorney General's Office

The authorities reported the murder of one of the capos of Valle del Cauca, last Thursday, November 3. Alias ​​'El Guajiro' was allegedly away from crime and was intercepted by armed men who ended his life, this, in the municipality of Yumbo, a jurisdiction neighboring the capital of the department. For the time being, the authorities are making progress in the investigation that will lead to the capture of those responsible for the crime.

The night of Thursday, November 3, was cold in the 'Industrial Capital' of the Valle del Cauca, around eight o'clock at night, a truck-type vehicle was moving along the ninth street of this jurisdiction, when a series of shots shook the sector, in the background the sound of a motorcycle was heard that sought to sneak away from the place, here , Osbaldo Jhon Gómez Obando, also known as alias 'El Guajiro', had been shot.

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According to the versions of the community, 'El Guajiro' was paying a visit to who was supposed to be his lawyer, after leaving the house located between the fifth and fourth avenues, he got into his gray truck and after starting off, two assassins They approached and unloaded the weapon magazine on his humanity, leaving him seriously injured.

Gómez was transferred to the local hospital La Buena Esperanza, just two blocks from where the event was recorded, no However, due to the seriousness of the injuries, the victim lost his life after trying to be treated by the doctors of the medical center.

The community of this municipality fears possible retaliation after the execution of this murder, likewise, El Tiempomanaged to verify that Colonel José Daniel Gualdrón, commander of the Metropolitan Police of Santiago de Cali, indicated that this could be a matter of alleged drug trafficking vendettas between gangs, being a hypothesis that is still under investigation.

Urban myths about this subject indicate that on some occasions he helped the community with markets and other needs, being the possible alter ego of 'El Guajiro', a subject who had presumably taken over drug trafficking within this municipality.

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His judicial past

Obando was captured repeatedly by the authorities, where he was accused of allegedly leading a criminal gang that operated in the municipality and surrounding areas. In 2013 he was learned by the authorities and again in 2018, where the Attorney General's Office requested the imputation of several crimes, this, after being surprised in the rural area of ​​Yumbo.

At that time, the Prosecutor's Office indicated:

“The investigating entity will request the legalization of the capture and charge charges as alleged co-authors responsible for the crimes of conspiracy to commit an aggravated crime in competition with aggravated homicide and attempted homicide, use of minors to commit crimes, manufacturing, trafficking, and carrying firearms, accessories, parts, and aggravated ammunition, manufacturing, trafficking, and carrying narcotics, and forced displacement.” .

According to the current verification in the criminal record system, Obando does not register any, since even, some time ago, he indicated by means of a letter that he was away from the crime, in addition to it was difficult for him to join the resocialization process in this municipality.