This is how it went for Messi buying tennis shoes in San Andresito de Pereira

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The world champion visited Colombia in 2005, this as part of the South American U-20 tournament held in the Eje Cafetero and starred in a particular scene that his fans remember

This is how it was for Messi buying tennis in San Andresito de Pereira

Lionel Messi also bought shoes in Colombia. Photo: @HINCAPIEDATOS

The South American U-20 Championship is already being played in Colombian territory, and there are thousands of memories that come to the minds of the spectators, as this tournament too it was played in national territory in 2005. One of the most striking events was the day that Lionel Messi went shopping in the center of Pereira, and although for some it is incredible, the record confirms the Argentine star's adventure.

This is how it went for Messi buying tennis shoes in San Andresito de Pereira

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Lionel Messi established himself as world champion and enters the showcase of world soccer history, as his name will be framed for eternity. However, Colombia is also part of the attacker's journey, since several years ago he was the protagonist of a typical Colombian purchase plan, in a particular commercial center in the Coffee Axis.< /p>

The story

It all goes back to 2005, after the South American Sub 20 tournament was played between January 13 and February 6 in the Eje Cafetero. Said tournament became an important opportunity that Colombia would highlight and could make its house respect as champion, despite having to face great teams like Argentina and Brazil.

This is how it went for Messi buying tennis shoes in San Andresito de Pereira

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Among the names of the albiceleste team, several names stood out, such as: Pablo Zabaleta, Sergio 'Kun' Aguero, Fernando Gago, Lucas Biglia and Óscar Ustari, however, among this batch of players, the attention of a short attacker who, according to the press, promised to be a world star and at that time played for Barcelona, it was Lionel Messi.

This is how it went for Messi buying tennis in San Andresito de Pereira

Messi played in Pereira in the tie against Uruguay 0-0.

MessiHe was shy and quiet, as he went unnoticed by his peers, who were more outgoing. At that time, the Argentine national team was traveling between Manizales, Armenia and Pereira, and on one of these visits, he went shopping with his teammates and was seen in the traditional 'San Andresito' in Pereira.

This is how it went for Messi buying tennis shoes in San Andresito de Pereira

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One ​​of the witnesses of this fact is Luis Eduardo Giraldo, who at that time sold a pair of sneakers to the current world champion. For many, the fact that Messi buys tennis shoes in the center could be laughable, since he is a player who is sponsored by one of the most important sports brands in the world, however, at that time he was barely beginning his career.

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About this subject, it was Giraldo himself who spoke with El Tiempo, explaining that when he worked in the center, a group of players from the albiceleste came to make purchases, because at that time perhaps they were not referring to being only youth. However, he recalled the purchase of 'Lio', noting that he paid for some white sneakers with an air chamber, since they were fashionable in 2005

Regarding the merchant's testimony, Time quoted:

“I was around, at that time I helped the owners sell tennis shoes and they gave me five or ten thousand depending on the sale. That day by coincidence, several players arrived and I was attending the premises; I will never forget what Messi bought, they were size 31 white tennis shoes, they had a gold pimp and four cameras on the back, the kind that were used at the time”.

Similarly, Luis Giraldo recalled that that purchase was particular, since he even helped the player with the address of the shoes, motivating the Argentine to give him a tip for his service, despite noting that the shoes were allegedly not Original.

“People laugh and don't believe, but I remember everything clearly. He gave me $100 to pay and I went all the way around. They were worth 75 thousand pesos, I took the money back to the hotel and for that favor he gave me 10 thousand pesos. The truth is that I don't think the tennis shoes were original, they didn't seem visible”, the merchant mentioned to El Tiempo.

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