“This is going to be the Mayan Train”: Mexican was surprised to learn about the Qatar metro

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Users on social networks joked that this Middle Eastern transport resembled the “San Lázaro” station in CDMX

“This is how the Maya Train will be like”: Mexican was surprised to learn about the Qatar subway

Young man compared the metro in Qatar and Mexico (Screenshot/TikTok)

Mexican fans already made a presence in Qatar, after at the start of the 2022 World Cup and several of the football lovers began to visit various places in the Arab country to get acquainted. Such is the case of an Internet user who did not hesitate to go to the metro of that country and went viral for comparing it to the Collective Transport System (STC) of Mexico City.

It was on TikTokwhere the user Paquito (@paquitodeus) shared a clip of his visit to the Qatar subway and began to compare it with that of Tierra Azteca.

“We have already arrived at the subway here in Qatar, what a fart, it looks like the Rosario metro (…) it's exactly similar to Pantitlán and in a big way to Hidalgo where the Virgin appeared, let's see how similar this is to the Mexico metro” , said the influencer.

After spending his first few minutes inside the facilities, PaquitoHe was puzzled, describing how the signs confused him because of the language they were in.

“One of the biggest things I'm not liking this subway is because the Signs are not in Spanish. Point for CDMX”, he stressed.


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But the situation did not end there, since he later taught that apparently in Qatar the subway is divided into sections.

“Something that I must say is a point for the Qatar metro is that the escalators do work, something that is also mentioned is that this is the standard area and beyond it is the VIP area that they literally section based on your purchasing power, that is ugly , there they are denigrating me, it's like Sonora Grill. In CDMX the only thing is for girls and boys”, he explained.

Already in the car, the compatriot was disappointed because the social dynamics were completely different to what is experienced in Mexico.

“Let's see what happened, first of all I don't believe it, we took a seat sitting down; two, it doesn't smell sour and three if I feel ugly that there is no street vendor in Qatar. Where is the CDS? Point for Mexico City. Where is the one with the cakes? point for Mexico City,” she commented.

“This is how the Mayan Train will be”: Mexican was surprised to discover the Qatar metro

Soccer Football – FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 – FIFA Fan Festival Opening – FIFA Fan Festival at Al Bidda Park, Doha, Qatar – November 19, 2022 A Mexico fan poses holding beers during the opening of the FIFA fan festival REUTERS/Marko Djurica

Likewise, the young man delved into another contrasting fact derived from the landscapes that he could observe in the subway windows.

“Another important fact is that here you can see pure desert and in CDMX at least you see the little houses, the half-constructions, you see the whole shell all gray and here there is not even anything,” he added. p>

To top off and end his first experience in the Qatar metro, the tiktok joked that this transport would be something very similar to one of the most controversial projects during the administration of Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

“I came to the conclusion that this is how the Mayan Train will be (…) I still prefer the CDMX metro is the best option worldwide. This doesn't look like a subway, it looks like Antara Square”, he concluded.

The clip quickly went viral and several Internet users were amused by Paquito's charisma:

It looks like the San Lázaro subway”. “What part of Metro Tacubaya is that”. “The one in Mexico City even fights for the 8-point spot for the Mexico metro,” are some of the mentions.

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