This heated and rechargeable Quebec jacket will keep you warm this winter

This heated and rechargeable Quebec jacket will keep you warm this winter

Montreal-based company ewool offers the ultimate solution to never being cold outside in winter, a 100% Quebec rechargeable heated jacket.

Among other things, the jacket has a highly efficient portable heating system that withstands extremely low temperatures.

The lining, which is worn under clothing, was designed as much for winter sports such as snowmobiling, hiking, hunting, etc., as for workers who practice outdoor trades all year round. .

More heat produced than other technologies

Whether one is easily discouraged by extreme cold or an outdoor worker, ewool PRO heating liners promise power and simplicity.

The great particularity of the product comes first of all from its fabric which is thin and stretchy. It makes sure that it can be worn underneath outerwear without giving us a bulky feeling.

Then, their technology actually combines high density heating and a lot of power. As a result, the heat spreads evenly throughout the jacket, even all over the neck. It’s a change from other similar products where only a few areas are affected.

After all, it’s true that winter can be harsh in our part of the country, but the weather should never prevent us from going out and playing sports or activities outside.

Added to all this is the fact that everything is very easy to use: checking the battery, switching on and adjusting the heat are all done with a single button conveniently placed for ease. access.

The charging port is just as good, so no need to remove the battery to charge them, except before putting them in the washing machine, of course.

Moreover, it is even possible to buy ewool accessories such as among others an RCA connection wire for snowmobiles or a 12V power adapter just to connect directly to your boat and not to use your battery unnecessarily.

Unlike other products, heat is diffused all over the jacket rather than a few limited areas.

A high-end product resistant to extreme cold

In the case of ewool PRO products, we are really talking about a high-end product whose technology is designed to withstand extreme cold, down to -40 degrees.

We are far from cheap clothes for people who are cautious, which implies that we must necessarily expect to have to pay the price.

The latter varies according to the battery life, but we are still talking about $ 498 for a 4h battery and $ 647 for this 8h battery.

It might sound expensive, but this is a battery that can easily last all day if you don’t put it to heavy use. If this is the case, it is always possible to add an additional internal or external battery or one of their adapter to connect elsewhere.

More info and buy online the ewool PRO heated jacket

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