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This company wants to carry out head transplants, and it’s already controversial

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May24,2024

Advances in artificial intelligence, robotics and scienceare as impressive as they can sometimes be disturbing. The question is when do we go too far? And the question should arise again with thiscrazy project which could makehead transplantpossible in the years to come. come.

This company wants to carry out head transplants, and has already caused controversy

head transplants coming soon?

Are the researchers at the Brainbridge start-up visionary and ambitious, or have they lost their minds? In the second case, don't panic: they will soon be able to get it back! In any case, that's what they say in a YouTube video published two days ago. 8 minutes long, it details the steps that will make it possible to carry out successful and safe head transplants within ten years. according to Hachem Al-Ghaili.

The thinking head of the company therefore raised its stakes. the veil on BrainBridge, “the world's first concept head transplantation system, which integrates advanced robotics and artificial intelligence to execute ;perform complete head and face transplant procedures.This cutting-edge system offers new hope to patients suffering from incurable diseases such as stage 4 cancer, paralysis and neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease. /em>But how is this operation supposed to work, and is it really feasible?

AI, robotics… an ultra ambitious project

Let's say it from the outset, BrainBridge divides among the community scientific. Because despite Despite the detailed presentation of the project, many questions still remain unanswered, and the necessary technologies, both in robotics and in AI, are far from being sufficiently developed. es to right now, not to mention those that don't even exist yet. But the possibility The idea of ​​exchanging the body of a seriously ill patient for that of a brain-dead donor is appealing. As our colleagues from Futura Sciences explain, the idea would be, for a machine, to detect the nerves and muscles on the new body, in order to correctly connect the new head, previously detached from the rest of the patient's body. An implant should also facilitate neuronal connections.

This company wants to perform head transplants, and has already done so

For head transplants such as presented here to be possible, robots and AI will need to be perfect, collaborating to carry out the most effective actions. delicates precisely and safely. Obviously, the operation would not be without consequences, patients would have to remain in a coma for a month in order to avoid any movement, before taking rehabilitation courses ;education to learn to use their new body. In any case, it's not for now.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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