This common ingredient helps you treat nail fungus

September 5, 2021 by archyde

During the summer, one of the most recurrent and most annoying problems is the toenail fungus.

The truth is that, when stepping on any wet surface of public bathrooms in swimming pools and beaches, the probability of becoming infected with fungi increases, since, without proper footwear that protects the foot, these can be created. bacteria.

On several occasions we apply products that are not effective enough or that they do not heal the fungus well, since they may disappear for a while, but they come out again.

Many people are in favor of using home remedies to try to eliminate these types of ailments. For example, one of the elements that are most used to treat fungi is the sodium bicarbonate, although there is still not enough scientific support, so experts warn that it may not be beneficial to apply it on the body.

Sodium bicarbonate is a product that has multiple utilities. In this case, it is very effective in home cleaning or garden care, among others.

Next, let’s see the benefits of using baking soda on foot fungus, as well as the contraindications or side effects it can cause.

Bicarbonate and its powerful fungicidal effect

Baking soda is one of the most used home remedies to treat fungi, as it is popularly presented as an ideal treatment to eliminate the bacteria that are generated under the nails.

The truth is that this product has a powerful fungicidal effect, which causes the fungi to die in ideal situations for them. The same happens when we use it to clean the garden of our house.

On the other hand, bicarbonate has antifungal properties, alkaline and antiseptic that can help in the process of eliminating fungi.

Therefore, many people say that its use is very useful if we want to eliminate fungi or prevent their appearance.

How do you use baking soda for mushrooms?

One of the most common options is to put baking soda inside socks and shoes to absorb moisture, as explained from the portal MedicalNewsToday.

You can also apply a paste of baking soda along with water directly on the affected nail and let it sit for 10 minutes. The process must be repeated several times for the fungus to disappear.

Contraindications of bicarbonate for fungi

According to several research studying the effect of sodium bicarbonate for fungi, this product prevented the growth of fungi in 79% of the tested specimens. On the other hand, in 17% of the cases, the product reduced its growth, but did not eradicate it. MedicalNewsToday.

Even so, despite the fact that the antifungal effect of bicarbonate is known, the experts of the aforementioned portal assure that It’s not the best option to treat fungi or any other affectation on the skin.

Baking soda has a powerful abrasive effect that can to affect to the area in which it is applied. In addition, professionals assure that “it has not been proven that if a pH balance is achieved” of the skin.

On the other hand, applying baking soda to nails, feet, or skin can lead to some side effects such as dryness, irritation and flaking, which will decrease the protection in those areas and leave them exposed to other types of infections.

In short, although skin professionals assure that it is not the best option to treat fungi, the decision to carry it out or not will be up to each person. Therefore, if you finally decide to apply this product to reduce the infection, it is necessary that you follow the recommendations from an expert to avoid more serious problems with this home remedy.

The most advisable thing before a fungal infection in any part of the body is go to a dermatologist, as this will be the expert who will offer us the best options and tools to fight the infection.

This information does not replace in any case the diagnosis or prescription by a doctor. It is important to go to a specialist when symptoms occur in case of illness and never self-medicate.

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This common ingredient helps you treat nail fungus

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This common ingredient helps you treat nail fungus

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