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US third-party candidates want to take advantage of the unpopularity of Trump and Biden

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Aware of the mediocre popularity ratings of their candidates, both Democrats and Republicans are closely monitoring the campaigns of independents.

Associated Press

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With the prospect of a rematch between Democrat Joe Biden and Republican Donald Trump in the 2024 United States presidential election, a particularly high number of third-party candidates, whether from #x27;other parties or outright left field, want to win the favor of voters.

These optimistic candidates come from different backgrounds: some are members of Congress , others have an impressive academic background and there is even a descendant of one of the most important political families in the country.

However, even if another Trump-Biden duel is far from satisfying all American voters, the chances of the other candidates are extremely low.

George Washington, the very first American president, was the only one to find himself in command of the country without party affiliation. No incumbent president has lost his party's nomination since 1856. And no new party has been brought to the White House since Abraham Lincoln was elected under the Republican banner , in 1860.

Despite these findings, some candidates believe that popular discontent over another Biden-Trump duel is strong enough for x27;they have a chance to write a new page of history.

It's a very good picture for independent candidates, said Jill Stein, who ran for president in 2012 and 2016 under the Green Party banner.

There really is an appetite for politics based on principles and integrity. People are hungry for options outside of the two zombie candidates being shoved down our throats and the two zombie parties.

A quote from Jill Stein who ran for president in 2012 and 2016 under the Green Party banner

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Jill Stein

Little-known candidates who have no real chance of taking power run in every election, but the number of people who have indicated their interest this fall is higher than usual.

Ms. Stein, who is also a doctor and environmental activist, announced that she will launch her third presidential campaign in 2024, reversing her decision to support another candidate.

Among Democrats, a little-known member of Congress is challenging President Biden in the party's primary. Rep. Dean Phillips of Minnesota says Democrats are running into a wall by trying to re-elect an unpopular president whose age raises many questions.

I'm just saying out loud what everyone else is thinking.

A quote from Minnesota Representative Dean Phillips


For his part, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., the nephew of President John F. Kennedy, withdrew from the Democratic primary in October and is now running as an independent candidate.

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In early October, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. announced that he was ending his candidacy in the Democratic primary and would would run for president as an independent. (File photo)

An environmental lawyer and anti-vaccine activist, he enjoys higher approval ratings among Republicans than Democrats, despite his deep family ties to the Democratic Party.

Senator Joe Manchin, a West Virginia Democrat, announced that he will not seek re-election next year but will #x27;he could be tempted by a presidential campaign as an independent.

According to an August poll by the NORC Center for Public Affairs Research and commissioned by the Associated Press, 75% of Americans think Mr. Biden should not run for president again, while 69% think believe Mr. Trump shouldn't do it either.

Americans believe that Mr. Biden, aged 81, is too old. They are also divided over criminal charges against Mr. Trump, 77, who has been indicted four times and will face trial next year.

Nearly 80% of respondents argued that Biden is too old to be effective for four more years in office, already the oldest serving US president in history.< /p>

About half of Americans approved of the Justice Department's decision to formally charge Mr. Trump over the schemes he implemented to try to stay in power despite their defeat in the 2020 election.

Aware of the mediocre popularity ratings of their candidates , both Democrats and Republicans are closely watching the campaigns of independents who, without taking power, could play a role in the outcome of the election if they split the vote in a close race.

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