They won 3-0, but should have won by much more, in a group A match.

They won 3-0, but should have won by much more, in a group A match.

It must have been 4 or 5 or maybe 6 goals. Colombia made many mistakes, but they did enough to comfortably win 3-0 against a fragile Bolivia, in the second round of group A of the women's Copa América.

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It came to seem that it was going to be a game suffered, not because of the rival, who did what they could to resist, but because Colombia entered a circle of inaccuracy. The victory was never at risk, but the goals were long in coming. There was a lot of waste. Colombia played their game, they danced on the field, a lot of touch, a lot of dribbling, with Linda Caicedo expressing her feints, with Catalina Usme orchestrating, yes, a lot of symphony, but the goal did not come.

The Bolivians (who lost to Ecuador 6-1) resisted as best they could, hitting as hard as they could. Twice the Colombians fell in the area, and the judge said no. The party was that: Colombia and a devastating attack. Bolivia in a trench. Leicy tried and failed. There was aerial play, mid-distance, touching arrivals and nothing. 20 minutes and nothing.

But this was not a game for anguish, those 20 minutes were more like an exploration, and that is why at minute 21, Leicy said enough, as if the diagnosis was complete, and took a ball from half distance and scored a great goal, 1-0.

Won 3-0, but should have won by much more, in Group A match.

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So it was another game, a game without pressure, although more goals were needed, that was the objective against a rival that had lost 6-1 against Ecuador.

Catalina showed her magic with a nice shot, but she went to the crossbar. Then Daniela Montoya missed a goal with the goal from the front. Later Leicy wanted to be supportive and by assisting Linda, between the two of them they missed one more. And so…

Finally at minute 42, in another frenetic attack, Manuela Vanegas was brought down in the area. Penalty, the best formula to not fail more. But Catalina, who is an expert, well, she threw the ball at a stick. Not believing. Colombia finished the first half winning, but the general feeling was that they did not win, or perhaps it was a partial victory.

Won 3-0, but should have won by much more, in Group A match.

In the second half Colombia attacked with such voracity that they gave in to confusion, to imprecision. Goals, goals , the DT asked and the people in the stands cried out. And Colombia could not. And Bolivia resisted.

And if Ramírez missed a goal with a header from in front of the goal, it seemed that the ball was no longer going in. The arc was closed so much that it was not surprising that the second goal was an own goal.

After so much insistence, the third came, by Daniela Arias, with a header. So now it was a thrashing, now it was justice. Although it should have been 4, 5 or 6…

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