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They will find the enemy even underground: mega-powerful bombs have appeared in the USA

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun21,2024

They will find the enemy even underground: mega-powerful bombs have appeared in the USA

In the event of a major war between dictatorships and democracies, Russia's friends fear an air attack by the United States. Therefore, Iran, North Korea and China are increasing the production of underground military bunkers, making them deeper and deeper. However, the media believe that the efforts of authoritarian regimes may be in vain.

After all, the United States has bombs capable of reaching even deep bunkers.

Washington invented a powerful weapon

So, the newest bomb was first spotted in March over the Mojave Desert in California.

Then photographer Ian Recchio took a photo of a Boeing B-1 bomber refueling from a tanker. There was something unusual under the nose of the plane's fuselage – a big bomb.

Photos taken by Recchio were spotted by aviation expert David Cenciotti. It was he who found out that the new, rare munition GBU-72 weighing 5,000 pounds was recorded on the footage, designed to penetrate deep into the ground and destroy bunkers.

What are the features of the GBU-72 bomb

Thanks to the high-tech fuze and ultra-hard case, the satellite-guided GBU-72 has a high penetrating ability. It combines the best qualities of the other two bombs – 4,000 lb GBU-28 and 27,000 lb GBU-57.

The GBU-28 munition is small and light enough to be carried by the US Air Force's Boeing F-15E fighter jets, but penetrates solid ground to a depth of less than 200 feet (61 meters). The GBU-57 can penetrate over 200 feet, but is so large and heavy that only two types of US Air Force combat aircraft can carry it: the B-2 stealth bomber and the future B-21 stealth bomber.
The lethality of the GBU-72 is expected to be higher than previous models. In addition, hundreds of US military aircraft can carry this munition.

Meanwhile, US enemies continue to dig in

Potential targets for the new US bombs are the underground bunker complexes in which Iran hides its missile launchers, squadrons of fighter jets and critical parts of its growing nuclear weapons enterprise. The new underground nuclear complex is apparently more than 300 feet underground.

North Korea has also hidden parts of its own nuclear weapons complex underground. In addition, it maintains huge underground bases for artillery, missiles, fighter jets and even helicopters, often dug into the slopes of mountains.

China's underground bases house headquarters, warehouses of ammunition, nuclear warheads, supply depots, air, ground and naval forces. The PRC has thousands of underground facilities, and every year Beijing builds more and more of them.

Journalists note that in the event of a major war to destroy the underground facilities of Iran, the DPRK or China, B-2 forces, armed GBU-57, may not be enough. Fighters with GBU-28 also risk being unable to reach deeper targets. At the same time, the GBU-72 on many American fighters should solve this dilemma

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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