They were the protagonists in the playoff for the Qatar World Cup. 

They were the protagonists in the playoff for the Qatar World Cup. 

Peru's failure to qualify for the World Cup in Qatar continues to generate comments and reactions, largely due to what was experienced in the penalty shootout with the Australian goalkeeper, Andrew Redmayne.

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The Australian goalkeeper made world news for his behavior at the time of penalties, not only for his movements to distract the Peruvian collectors, but also for the controversy he generated when he took the bottle of the Peruvian goalkeeper Pedro Gallese.

Gallese had two bottles of moisturizers in his goal. One of them, apparently, contained in its wrapper a sheet with the notes of the trends of the collectors of Australia.

Precisely, after noticing this, goalkeeper RedMayne took advantage of Gallese going under the goal to grab the container and throw it behind the billboards.

Gallese spoke

 They were the protagonists in the playoff for the Qatar World Cup. 

This Monday goalkeeper Gallese decided to speak and referred to the controversy with the Australian goalkeeper. He asked to stop talking about him.

“I don't think we should attach much importance to that archer. We are mentioning him so much that even he can believe that he is an archer” , he said.

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Gallese referred to Redmayne's style and compared it to his acting. “I wish him the best in the World Cup. It is his way of covering up and if his way is to do it with strange things, it only remains in him. I have always characterized myself as a serious goalkeeper, who always gives a good image and always will be”,

The goalkeeper of the The Peruvian team lamented the outcome of the penalty shootout in the playoff: “We failed, we hit the ball on the post and the other covered it. It was almost the same as me, because I also saved one.”

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