Thu. Apr 18th, 2024

In the capital of Ukraine, they want to create a utility company for the production of drones

The Kyiv City Council registered a draft decision on the creation of a utility company for the production of UAVs, which was submitted by Deputy Vitaly Nestor.

The implementation of the decision project requires the allocation of budget funds in the amount of UAH 400 million. The Department of Municipal Security will develop  Regulations on the utility company. 

The explanatory note says: “The creation of a new utility company, first of all, will increase the number of jobs, creating competitive conditions on the market for the production of unmanned aerial vehicles in Ukraine and Europe, and will also provide the city with the opportunity to establish direct production of UAVs, attracting funds from the city budget, predicting the corresponding expenses for the following years. The document also states that part of the employees of the executive authorities in the city of Kyiv have a higher education in engineering areas, in particular from the areas of “Aircraft and power plants”, “Operation of aircraft and engines”, “Aircraft control systems”, “Aircraft armament” etc. Therefore, they can be included in the status of a utility company and directly involved in the production of unmanned aerial vehicles. Currently, in Ukraine there are about 200 companies engaged in the production of unmanned aerial vehicles. About 50 of them have already passed all the procedures for obtaining a permit and are supplying their products to the army. If the Kyiv City Council supports the draft decision, it will come into force on the day of its official publication. Now the document is being considered by commissions.

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