They told the USA about it, they gave Ukraine a zbro

They told the USA about it, they gave Ukraine a zbro

The United States was told, Ukraine was given a shot

Photo: General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The United States has updated the list of equipment transferred to Ukraine

For an ear of the war, Ukraine has taken over 15 billion dollars of military assistance from the States received.

For an ear of the Russian invasion, the Successful States Today, the value of military equipment and equipment is close to 15.8 billion dollars. The latest list of the transferred alerts was publicized Friday, September 16, on the Pentagon website.

The transfer was ordered as such, as it was transferred to Ukraine and the planned correction:

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        • for all NASAMS-type software packages;
        • 20 Mi-17 helicopters;
        • 126 155 mm howitzers and over 800,000 shells before them;
        • 200 M113 armored personnel carriers;
        • hundreds of HMMWV booked cars;
        • 18 patrol boats;
        • 40 MaxxPro promos;< /li>
        • over 1400 Stinger AAs;
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          • 8.5 thousand Javelin anti-tank systems;
          • over 700 Switchblade Combat Tactical Drones;
          • over 60 million rifle rounds;
          • 75 thousand sets of body armor and armor.

        < p>So it was given to a large number of accessories of a night tower, protecting the defense against a mass attack, radio-electronic transmissions, medical benefits, the services of commercial satellite signs and more.

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