They told about the state of health of the victims in Brovary

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They told about the state of health of the victims in Brovary

As a result of a helicopter crash near a kindergarten in Brovary 25 people were injured, 11 of them were children.

16 people remain in hospitals: patients were hospitalized in the Brovarsky hospital and the burn center in Kyiv, Deputy Head of the Ministry of Health Irina Mikichak said on the air of the telethon.

< p>She added that several victims received first aid, primary surgical treatment, psychological support and left hospitals.

None of the patients is in critical condition. However, some of them have severe burns.

"Some of the patients were transferred to the Kyiv Burn Center – they are the heaviest, the most complex. None of them are in either critical or threatening condition as of this morning. They receive full treatment,” Mikichak said.

She clarified that six patients from the burn center, including both children and adults, are being prepared to be sent for treatment abroad. Poland, Austria, the Czech Republic, and the United States expressed their readiness to accept the affected Ukrainians.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich

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