“They take me out of classes and they don’t want to make groups with me”: Young man who sells sweets to pay for his medical degree

September 11, 2021 by archyde

“They take me out of classes and they don’t want to make groups with me”: Young man who sells sweets to pay for his medical degree

Leomar, a medical student who is bullied by some classmates.

The student from the Universidad del Sinú denounces that he is a victim of bullying by some of his classmates.

Colombia News.

Leomar Barros is a young medical student from the Universidad del Sinú who makes a living and at the same time pays for his semester by selling sweets at the traffic light on Calle 68 in Montería.

In addition to chocolates, marshmallows and arequipe, Leomar offers face masks on the site to find daily resources to bring sustenance to his home made up of two young children.

However, despite the humility that characterizes him, Leomar has been bullied by some of his classmates, who do not want to do homework with him and have even taken him out of a virtual class up to 25 times. All because he sells sweets at traffic lights.

There has been so much harassment that the student had to cancel a class.

“I tell the teacher: ‘Prof, they are denying me entry and they are not paying attention to me. The teacher tells me if you don’t have a group, you can’t do your homework, ”the young man denounced.

The Monterrey student only asks his colleagues who criticize him for his job to let him get ahead.

This was stated by Leomar through a video:

“There are people who think that because they cannot fulfill their dreams, they are going to truncate yours,” said the young man as a reflection for those who criticize him for the way he makes a living.

However, he has clear objectives and does not care what they will say: “If I do not do this endeavor, I cannot study,” he emphasized.

“The only person who puts limitations on my life project is myself,” Leomar advised people.

“What embarrasses me today makes me proud tomorrow. I am proud that I have been able to pay for my career by selling at traffic lights ”, concluded the young student.

Here is the interview that the local journalist Diego Noticias carried out:

Cover photo: Video capture

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