They stole 70 million from pensioners and are working for Russia – fraudsters who fled from Kyiv to Lviv were exposed

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They stole 70 million from pensioners and work for Russia – fraudsters who fled from Kyiv to Lviv were exposed

A whole group of young fraudsters was exposed during their cooperation with the special services of the aggressor country. Six boys and girls did not hesitate to follow the instructions of the Russian curators. For money, they sat in Telegram channels and spread hostile narratives that Russian propaganda promotes to harm Ukraine. At the same time, all six also engaged in telephone fraud. According to journalists, money was extorted from people who believed that they were talking to bank employees and gave them confidential information about their own accounts, writes.

The most interesting thing is that young people agreed to work for Russia , being in the west of Ukraine. For example, one of them, Nazar Jus, is doing his business from the village of Ivanychi – it is in Volyn. And 20-year-old Anna-Maria Fedak lives peacefully on FSB money as far as Lviv, and 22-year-old Yaroslav Rudyk, 28-year-old Oleksandr Gorbunov, 24-year-old Yuliya Genda and 25-year-old Diana Kutsak also carry out the orders of Russian curators from the Lviv region .

The data of these traitors, who in the midst of war receive money from the aggressor and work for a terrorist country, were made public by caring users of social networks. Now this information is available in tg channels, and half of the work of the law enforcement officers is already done.

However, law enforcement officers and European journalists have known about this activity for a long time. BBC journalists already did an investigation several years ago. And we are talking about the investment company Milton Group. Under the guise of brokerage and investments in cryptocurrencies, these fraudsters defrauded pensioners – investigators found out that the sums reached 70 million dollars. Since then, the fraudulent office managed to escape from Kyiv and “get lost”. But it has already jumped out again in Lviv, on Antonovycha Street they rent two whole floors for offices and continue to mock people.

The leader of this group also managed to become famous. It is knownthat he acts together with his mother.

Dimitriy Tsirgaiya started by stealing humanitarian aid collected for people fleeing the war. In one of the small settlements in the west of Ukraine, a 25-year-old man organized a kidnapping directly from a warehouse. Locals brought there not only clothes and blankets, but also valuable medical supplies. Dimitry Tsirgaia took out everything that was packed in special boxes with the inscription “Help”. And after that, he also connected his mother to the device – Lala Shengelia joined the embezzlement already at the next stage. Together, the family developed a whole plan to get hold of a batch of humanitarian aid from Europe, which was sent to the Ukrainian military. The perpetrator's mother is registered in Kharkiv at 23 Kuznetsky Street. She owns a BMW X5 car. It was on this car that tourniquets and personal protective equipment, intended for sending to the front line, were taken out of the next warehouse at night. Then they planned to sell all the stolen goods, but they may have managed to partially do it.

And when Dimitriy's mother's help was not enough, he engaged another assistant. Danylo Sepik from the Kharkiv region became him. The boy is only twenty-two years old, he is from Tavilzhanka, this is the Dvurichan district. But his provincial origin did not prevent him from becoming an assistant to an experienced swindler and swindler Dimitrii Tsirgaii. Three years ago, Sepik was looking for a job – in his resume he indicated that he had a diploma from the Karazin National University and knew how to persuade, find a compromise, and noted stress resistance among his personal qualities. All this agreed with him in the criminal activity in which he was involved by Dimitrii Tsirgaia.

Their criminal activities have not yet been stopped, according to preliminary data, Dimitrii Tsirgaia together with the 54-year-old mother of Lala Shengelia and a young assistant Danylo Sepikom is also involved in a number of fraudulent schemes, including the deception of people who paid money to leave the occupied territories, but were deceived by unknown persons.

Therefore, fraudulent call centers are not the only source of income of this groups.