They showed the story of one of the defenders of Mariupol (video)

They showed the story of one of the defenders of Mariupol (video)

Showed the story of one of the defenders of Mariupol (video)

Ukrainian wounded soldiers were evacuated from the factory” ;Azovstal" in Mariupol by helicopter.

According to the fighter of the Azov regiment, 200-year-old Bogdan Tsymbal, callsign "Vog" in an interview with Radio Liberty, the enemy wounded him on March 22.

“As such, the family probably no longer exists. The family remains in the memory and heart. A tank fired at the apartment, and mother, grandmother and uncle immediately died there. Father – in the process of filtering fell into the hands of villains. When they found out that he was the father of an “Azovite”, they started beating him, took him away in an unknown direction,” Bogdan said.

At the age of 20, Bogdan commanded a platoon during the defense of Mariupol, received six bullets in the battles for the city. He was evacuated from Azovstal by helicopter.

” To enter the position – a small window covered with a sheet of metal. I move the sheet, I see the machine gun, I roll back, I get a bullet in the hand, shoulder, vertebrae, thigh, “he said, pretended to be dead, because there were invaders nearby.

” They looked at the chevron and say: Azov ? 200th? You won’t have to finish it off,” recalls Bogdan.

The defender was evacuated on March 25. Six wounded were taken by helicopter.

Bogdan Tsymbal continues to serve. "Let's return the borders, we will gain a foothold. The war will end when we completely take back our territories,” said the warrior.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich